6 New Netflix Movies That Will Remind You Of How Great Life Is

Marcus Ludved/Netflix

We often dream a lot and expect great things from life. We think we will only be happy if we have a certain amount of money in our bank account, if we meet the perfect person, if we have a dream job. We forget that the moments that remain in our memory and that make us truly happy are not exactly the great ones, but the most ordinary, unexpected and simple moments. Happiness is stored in small parts of life. The smell of coffee your mom just made, a conversation with your dad in the car, the kiss that made you fall in love with your partner. Life does not need great events, because greatness is in life itself, with its small daily events. Being alive is a gift that should be appreciated every minute. Here are some of the movies available on Netflix that will remind you of that. Spotlight on “A Caminho do Verão”, 2022, by Sofia Alvarez; “Apollo 10 and a Half: A Space Age Adventure,” 2022, by Richard Linklater; and Team Heart, beginning in 2022, written by Charles Keenan and Daniel Keenan. The titles available on Netflix are regulated by year of release and do not follow rating criteria.

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