Public Security Mothers: Women Who Share the Love of Motherhood and Their Professions

May 8, 2022 – 08:30
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Synonymous with the sincerity of forms of love, some say that they are all the same and differ only in the title, but the truth is that every mother is unique and unique. In reference to Mother’s Day, on May 8, the Ceará State Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS/CE) presents the stories of seven security professionals who divide their time accomplishing two important missions: dedicating themselves to children and protecting the Ceará community.

A military police officer of more than 27 years, Lt. Col. Fatima de Paula, who works as a consultant in the Communications Office (Ascom) of the Ceará Military Police (PMCE), says she is very proud of the mission. “It gives us great pleasure to be the first woman to fill the position once held by so many men, who have also done an amazing job.” She, a mother of a girl and a boy, commented that she was very happy. “Being a mother is one of the greatest achievements of a woman. God has given me this gift and this blessing for being a mother of two children and I am so happy and so fulfilled,” the army emphasized.

The official added the love for their children and the pride they feel for having their mother the Prime Minister. “I love my children, my life is complementary. They deeply admire both their father, who is also in the army, and me. They are proud of having military police fathers who take care of people, care for public safety, serve and protect society,” concluded the lieutenant colonel.

Ceara State Civil Police Inspector (PC-CE), Elisangela Shine, part of the Police Department for Women’s Defense of Fortaleza (DDM-For), shared her experience with motherhood. It’s hard to reconcile the two, said Alvaro, who has a five-year-old son, but she separates work well from her profession. “It’s very difficult to get one side not to affect the other, but I try to work on that, so I’m trying to find a balance,” he said. She, who has been in the police for 15 years, including a stint at PMCE, now works as the chief inspector and comments that she already feels proud of her son when he talks about his mother being a police officer. “I feel he really feels protected and proud when he says his mother is a police officer,” he commented.

The civilian police officer also left a message for her son. “All I want in life is for God, in the life we ​​live today, to give him this inversion of values, for God to give him wisdom, maturity and discernment so that he knows what is right, which is to be a man of character and walk in faith with God. May he be righteous and full With love and have hope, faith and wisdom to handle everything in life.”

sweet wait

Another inspiring story told by Ceará State Civil Police (PC-CE) inspector Janina Rodrigues. The maid who works at the State Academy of Public Security (Aesp) and is five months pregnant with twins, spoke about the importance of her work in the institution and the happiness in achieving the dream of motherhood with a double dose. The professional waits kindly for Heitor and Maria Alice.

“I think the possibility of working in training professionals who will become my colleagues is excellent. The fact that I am really excited about what I do makes it easier. The foundation collaborates and helps a lot. It is a perfect career. I will, I will teach them to be proud. We teach our children the world view and I will show it is exciting, It’s good,” she said.

For the future, the inspector and the mother for the first time left a message that her parents used to talk about. “My daughter is honesty, character, kindness above all and love that leads life. So, if you do not have love for everything and everyone around you, you cannot develop, you cannot move forward with your life,” concluded the inspector.

Double dose of work

Major Giuliani Freire, in charge of the Ceará State Military Fire Service (CBMCE), has been with the Colejo Militar de Escritura Rachel de Queiroz (CMCB-ERQ) fire department for 16 years. She, who studied at the same institution, commented that she had two children, Talita and Virgilio. The maid talked about the experience of dividing her time in taking care of her children and practicing the profession.

“Both motherhood and the profession itself are two types of priesthoods that require a lot of our dedication, and I can even say it fully. These are things I love to do, I wouldn’t romanticize them and say they are easy, but just because I love them so much, they just flow. When we see the result of our work, and efforts The effort made with our children, and seeing them grow up healthy, makes us believe it was worth it.”

The military firefighter also said she sees the personality of motherhood as having a lot to do with working as a security professional. “Motherhood makes us a caring being, in the same way that a professional takes care of, serving, protecting and saving. “I see that motherhood improves me as a human being and as a professional.”

In 2017, the maid participated in the creation of a decree guaranteeing the rights of pregnant and lactating women, without the need to compete for a list of operational services, which made it possible to provide prenatal care to mothers and fathers and reduce the impact on this. Breastfeeding a newborn.

full time mom

Active in the Administrative and Financial Department (Gefin) of Oversight of Research Strategy and Public Security (Supesp) since 2018, Managing Director Sheiliane Sales has a 4-year-old daughter, Alice, and is pregnant with a boy, Joao Lucas. She said that reconciling motherhood takes a lot of help, because her daughter is already going to school. “Here at Supesp, it’s very welcoming because of the maternity issue, I haven’t had any issues if I need to adjust schedules, but it’s a challenge because of the requirements, because we have the same 24 hours to solve everything,” he said.

The manager stated that she is very proud of her work and hopes her children will be proud as well. “My daughter has already visited Supesp, has followed the work, and knows the whole world. Therefore, I always try to do this matchmaking, so that she can see what we are doing and know the requirements for when my mum is away,” he said. As a desire for the future, she left a message for her children. “I hope they see in me an example of character, helping the community, and that’s why I believe so much in public service, because I think it’s one of the ways we have to step in, to help the community as a whole. And that impacts, affects their lives as well. I hope I can be that inspiring to them. To become free and happy people like me.”

Flying at high distances

First female pilot in the SSPDS Integrated Coordination of Air Operations (Ciopaer), PMCE Captain Livia Marinho, spoke about the challenges she faces being a mother of two and operating a flying aircraft. Captain Ciopaer also highlighted this; Despite the fact that motherhood is very demanding, as the two children are approaching age, I have always received a lot of support from family members.

“It’s been 16 years of studying, self-denial, and sleepless nights. I studied when I had free time. My children are my inspiration to try to be better and better. They are very proud of their parents. Friends and little teachers already know that dads are superheroes and that mom flies a helicopter.”

The captain dedicated a message to her children and all her children. “I say that the problems of the world are not easy, but we must do our part in the best and most honest way, and always be happy, because this is what Heavenly Father has taught us,” concluded Captain Ciopaer.

mission accomplished

In the criminal experience of the state of Ceará (Pivos), expert Dr. Claudia Aragao, of Documentoscopic Experience Core, has been in the profession for 27 years, having started with an outside experience. She has two children and talked about the difficulties of her childhood, which are now adults. “It was an act of juggling. Once my daughter got sick and had to take the boy to the hospital too, where we spent the night. That day, I had to be at work first thing in the morning. I happened to have to travel and he was sick, so I was on the plane crying when I left them with their father or mother. Today they are all grown up, and he is a federal police officer in another state and she is majoring in medicine,” the servant said.

The forensic expert says she feels satisfied by being a mother and working with what she loves. “I can say that I am a witty person. I think I realize the limits of what I can do. We charge ourselves, sometimes, on one side and on the other, but what I see of them, and who they are today, and what I have kept with me here at Pefoce, is really worth it”, concluded.

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