Lalau spreads on TikTok and shows off his football skills and denies competing with ‘Gluva de Pedreiro’

He is 42 years old, and his name is Leonardo Quirino He hates technology. To handle the cell phone and talk to the reporter from stadium via video call, Laloas it is called, need help from a friend Wagner Senna. Married and the father of two children, he also became the protagonist of social networks.

Lalo splits his time between cashew slicing businesses in the city of Sierra de Melinside great northern riverit’s the football In the field next to the street where he lives. The four-room house he lives in with his family does not have a TV yet. And the refrigerator, “already worn out”, is a street luxury.

The monthly income that revolves around 1200 Brazilian Real (combining his and his salary) enhances the look shaped by simplicity.

Lalo has set himself a new challenge after the age of 40 and in a field in which he is not very good with technology. And he begins to understand the contrast of the new reality, as fans and followers appear in an accelerated way in their social networks. Wagner, who is responsible for connecting him to this virtual world, guides and advises him in front of the cameras. Always close to him, he proudly follows his friend’s rise to success. According to him, in tik tok Lalo’s followers have crossed the house 300 thousand. In the Instagram, close to 30 thousand. It’s soccer videos and other skills.

“Lallo is an interesting life story. He never played professionally, but he was very good at handling the ball. All the teams ran after him in the area,” said his friend Wagner.

Objectives per piece

Of humble origins, Lalo has long been known as an ace. This prestige led him to seize, in an unusual way, his most valuable possession: the house in which he lives. “I played ball and asked for a thousand bricks in return. That’s how I built my house. There was another tournament where I asked for woodwork. Then finishing materials. And so it was,” said the amateur who likes to play as a striker.

Charisma and a good relationship with neighbors yielded more benefits when it came to carrying out the work. “I am not a construction worker and I have no idea about the trade. People came and made a joint effort and helped build the house,” he said.

The idea of ​​launching a brand to help retain personality on networks ended up being a collective creation. “Tropa do Lalau FC” was born.

Slightly amazed at the popularity he gained from his short videos with famous people, Lalo said he was enjoying himself. “I am amazed that I am a rural person, a poor person. But spiritually I am rich and happy. What I have noticed is that people are happy when they watch my videos. Friends who live here love it.”

Following the success of Bahia Iran Ferreira, The mason gloveLalo says he doesn’t want to create any competition. In one of his videos, in which he answers questions from followers, he rules out doing any kind of challenge, but leaves the possibility of playing a game alongside the already famous character with the phrase “Receive!” in videos.

The recipe that launched Glova de Pedreiro into the spotlight is the same as that of Lalau. A simple person who shows some skill and falls into popular taste in short videos. In a small field in the floodplain, Lalo chooses collaborators and delivers his message. In one of the recordings, he made some kind of tutorial and hit a free kick at the entrance to the area with his heel. On the first attempt, the ball went wrong and the goalkeeper blocked it. In the second, the ball covers the barrier and heads toward the corner without the goalkeeper having any chance. A masterpiece that stars like Ronaldinho will sign.

He also appears in the videos by taking crosses from the field side first, which shows an impressive finishing power. The adventures don’t stop there. As a showman, Lalo shows the ability to pick up cashews that friends throw from a distance right into his mouth.

The fallout from his videos caught the attention of football stars. Richarlison, of Everton and the Brazilian national team, is a follower of the “Tropa do Lalo”.

Supporter flamingoand a fan of Gabigol, Lalo lamented the sale of Michael. “I really liked his style of play as the mark was lost.” Kelson and Carter’s father reveals a dream. “I’d like to meet Zico. It was great. I’m a Flamingo because of him. Richarlison is someone I’d like to talk to too.”

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