“It is indisputable how mature he is,” says Goga’s mother, along with Gallo.

Ana Paula Soares, 48, reveals details of her son’s career and reveals that Goga, 23, has only thought of being a footballer since he was young.

Ana Paula Soares, 48, loves Goga, Atlético’s right-back, in her eyes when she talks about anything to do with her son. Anna lives between Belo Horizonte, where the player lives, and Rio de Janeiro, the family’s hometown, to deal with the team’s professional obligations and, of course, be close at the most important moments.

An only child, Goga was always “contagious,” in his mother’s words. The player received a lot of love in his childhood and continues to get the support he needs closely. Even the Atlético side has his mother’s face tattooed on his chest, he carries his passion for family wherever he goes.

Goga is the second player in the current squad to play at the club for the longest time. It was announced in December 2018 and is the second after Réver, who was appointed the day before. He started playing sports at an early age. He tried swimming, judo and indoor soccer and it was soccer that captured the athlete. His mother says that Goga only thought of playing football.

“He was very young and didn’t want to know anything else. His father was in charge of taking it, and sometimes, when his father was late, he would call my business and ask ‘Mom, where’s Dad?’ he is late. I want to go’. He spent a month in other sports, but all he thought about was football. If he was at a party, she was on a farm, for example, he would stay in the country. He told Super.FC, he was there alone playing ball.”

In 2019, in the Brazilian cockfight, Goga suffered a clash with Carlinhos, the left-back of Fortaleza, during the match. Out of concern, he was taken in an ambulance from the stadium and taken to the hospital. In the end, everything was fine with the player, but the tension took hold of the mother until she learned that everything had already worked out.

“Because we were away from home, we didn’t go to the stadium and we were in Bosnia and Herzegovina watching the match. It was the worst day of my life. I left in front of the TV with so many feelings I can’t even explain. I felt like I was going to pass out. It was a very big ordeal. I couldn’t He would do anything for him. “I was just waiting for the TV news,” Anna said.

At the age of 23, the player has already experienced many ups and downs with Alfinegro FC. From swearing at performances in the field to punishing a rooster for wrong behavior during a pandemic. Anna Paola closely watched all these transformations, accompanied and advised her only child. What is most surprising is the ease with which he handles all situations.

“I’m even amazed at the strength he has to face this. He’s a giant, I’m shocked. In his place I don’t think I can. They say a lot of things on social media. They talk to me, to his father… We don’t even look anymore, because it hurts so much.” He has incredible strength. The player’s mother said he doesn’t hold back and seems to be getting stronger, as if he had to prove twice as good.”

What can’t be denied is that Goga has matured a lot since last season. The player has learned from his mistakes and is focused heavily on seeking more minutes on the pitch with Antonio Turco Mehmet. But the moment is different and the side revealed extra dedication off the field.

“I’ve always taught him that learning from other people’s mistakes is better than learning from our own, but in practice, it’s different. I was 23 and I know what it feels like. We break face and learn from our mistakes too. It’s indisputable how much he’s matured since last year Now he’s on another stage. He’s very focused and I’m fucking silly. He likes to drink soda every day and has even quit. Now just drink water. I’m very happy. He’s always been very dedicated, but this year seems to have gotten an extra edge Big you can spot. People even comment, he’s thinner, but they say he’s gained body. He’s ridiculously loyal.”

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