First crematorium-assisted pet funeral arrives in Sorocaba

Whether it’s a four-legged, flipper, or winged animal, it can be difficult to say goodbye to pets. No matter how long they lived with their teachers, the intensity of the love and affection remains in the memory for the rest of their lives, causing their farewell to fray. Having someone support you now can make this process easier and easier. With this in mind, Sagrado Pet arrives in Sorocaba, with products, services and especially people ready to give one last tribute worthy of love between a teacher and an animal.

In May 2019, 51-year-old Nelsa Martins de Oliveira lost her oldest companion, Maltese sushi. At the age of 13, he developed heart and lung problems and could not resist. About a year later, Sushi’s daughter Boka unexpectedly left. At that time, Nelsa was not able to say goodbye to her pets beautifully. “The most difficult thing was not having anyone to turn to at that moment, not getting the support we needed from a professional who could somehow ease our pain,” she recalls.

Sorry that Nilsa didn’t say goodbye to sushi. (credit: Fabio Ruggiero)

On the day Sushi died, Nelsa’s daughter wanted to go to the vet to say goodbye to the animal. There, she found her beloved friend in a freezer bag. I think that, especially for being in those circumstances, it would have been easier to have all the affection that the Sagrado Pet brings today. that they [Sushi e Pucca] We went and didn’t get a real goodbye, which we deserve and we are,” Nilsa said.

For Gleice, the difference between a Sagrado Pet is humanization and respect.  - Fabio Rogerio
For Gleice, the difference between a Sagrado Pet is humanization and respect. (credit: Fabio Ruggiero)

To fill that gap in welcoming care for the teacher, Sagrado Pet was born, funeral home CEO Gleice Leitão told us. The differentiation of the sacred is the humanization of reception. Here, everything is thought out in order to relieve the pain that the teacher and the pet’s family are going through at that moment. We make sure people feel welcome from the moment we pick up the pet until the end of service, and the ashes and/or cremation certificate are handed over. We see teachers get lost when death occurs, as they have often been with pets for over a decade and are completely lost in that moment, so we think and take care of everything in a humane way for them.

For Nilsa, the human process is very important: “Only those who are already going through this pain know.” Now, she has a new companion, Shiro, 5 months old, who already has a Sagrado Pet precautionary plan, which, in addition to ensuring all support and burn at the time of departure, also offers life benefits with exclusive discounts on services. and pet professionals. He still has his whole life ahead of him, but when the time comes, Sagrado Pet will be able to welcome the Nilza family. “Without a doubt, Sagrado will relieve some of that pain, and give all the care, affection and respect especially to the pets and the owners, they are part of our family, our history,” he said.

Real and legitimate grief

According to psychologist Andressa Fidelis, who specializes in grief, families need support after losing a pet. Today, small animals have become an integral part of families. Death is expected to be very painful and to bring feelings of sadness, pain and longing’, and noted that this mourning is usually not recognized. “It is common for teachers to hear phrases like, ‘But he was just a dog’ or ‘You should just have another pet’ and this makes teachers feel that it is inappropriate to show their feelings, but this is not true. Mourning the loss of a pet is real and legitimate and should be To live it properly so that it can be incorporated into our lives. There is no hierarchy in grief, and no loss is harder.”

Andressa also told the report that welcoming the time of loss has two important effects: it gives space to legitimize pain, to validate feelings and can be an important differential for the grieving process. However, as was the case with Nilsa, it is common to report trauma left by teams that were not prepared to sponsor. According to the specialist, some sentences can be marked for years in people’s minds.

the house is silent

Donna Valdivia suffered from the departure of Dodo.  - Fabio Rogerio
Donna Valdivia suffered from the departure of Dodo. (credit: Fabio Ruggiero)

Jose Benedetto Bernardini Jr., 33, and his mother, Valdivina de Oliveira Bernardini, 61, felt the importance of the welcome in practice. The family’s dog, 9-year-old Eduardo, died after a battle with cancer that had spread throughout his body. Bernardini Jr. said that he and his mother did everything to save Dodo, but had to say goodbye to their friend last Sunday (1).

It wasn’t only the humans in the family who felt the loss, in addition to Valdivina, the dogs, Philip and Benjamim were also affected by Eduardo’s death. It was a sensitive moment for her [Valdivina]Because she was very attached to him. I have two other dogs, but Eduardo was responsible for the mess and barking. Now the house is silent,” said Bernardini Jr.

Despite the moment of mourning, the Sagrado Pet provided service with sensitivity and reception, according to the animal educator. I got in touch with Sagrado, who immediately took great care of me with his team. They went to my house to take Eduardo and give support to my mother who was alone there. Giles went with a basket and took him with her favorite blanket. He was unmatched support and I’ve been calmer at work knowing the passion that was passed on to my mother and how it was done to get it. Bernardini said I know he was well received by the team and that his little body was taken to the crematorium with the greatest care.

“It’s like losing a relative.”

For Ferreira, the loss of Maria was the loss of a relative.  - Fabio Rogerio
For Ferreira, the loss of Maria was the loss of a relative. (credit: Fabio Ruggiero)

Diego Ferreira, 30, also went through the process in April. His 13-year-old dog, Maria, died after eating a hot dog. The dog, already old, was not used to other, uncooked foods. I didn’t feed her crap, but a few days before Maria died, I took a sausage that was on the table. you did not. The next day, she was no longer good,” Ferreira recalls.

By the time he woke up in the morning and saw that Maria was dead, Ferreira didn’t know how to act. I was desperate. I didn’t know if I’d asked my family to come pick it up, if I called City Hall, but I kept thinking they’d throw it in any dump. So I started searching and found the sacred. They took care of me and were super human with me. “It makes a big difference,” he said.

According to Ferreira, for some people, a pet is just a dying animal, but for those who own, love and live with a pet, losing a pet is like losing a relative. He still has another small dog that he adopted two years ago, but it’s different for him.

Eternal love through cremation

Intimate room so teachers and friends can say goodbye to their pet.  - Fabio Rogerio
Intimate room so teachers and friends can say goodbye to their pet. (credit: Fabio Ruggiero)

Dodo and Maria’s family opted for mass cremation. In this model, the ashes do not return to the teachers. Meanwhile, both families will receive their animal’s paw mold, the fur to make the necklace and the farewell letter.

The Sagrado Pet also offers other possibilities for teachers who choose cremation to perpetuate affection, such as turning ashes into gems. The ashes can still be stored in custom jars, taken with you by a necklace or bracelet, or the ashes used for some planting with biodegradable jars.

Holy Club

We shouldn’t think of helping a pet’s funeral just in time of mourning. Sagrado Pet provides a series of benefits in life with the support of a network of partners, Clube do Sagrado. The benefit plan provides, in addition to the guarantee of cremation at the time of departure, discounts in various animal sectors, such as bathing and grooming, feeding houses and preventive veterinary care. More information can be obtained through social media: sagradopetbrasil. Follow Favorite

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