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Business can be done online and this is one of the big changes in this era

Technology has a profound impact on society and the environment and has been a major factor in improving our daily tasks, providing smart tools that help reduce our footprint on the planet.
But specifically, what daily activities have technology helped to improve the environment? This is what we will answer in this article.

Digital and Environmental Investments

Business can be done online and this is one of the big changes in this era. Since most transactions are now virtual, many organizations have chosen to make investments in the digital world. How do? through cryptocurrencies.
What is the result of these operations? To what extent do cryptocurrencies affect? The answer lies in the dramatic decrease in the production of office supplies, especially paper, which has been greatly reduced in recent years, since all information can now be viewed and read from a small screen.
In addition, virtual currencies have been used by companies to launch campaigns to combat climate change, investing their money in environmentally responsible companies that are making a big difference in the fight against global warming.

Smart homes are greener

Another aspect that positively affects the environment is the use of new technologies in the place where we spend more energy during the day: our home. More and more smart homes around the world are helping to use energy wisely.
That’s why devices control these properties. How do? Thanks to smart sensors and thermostats to regulate the temperature and provide air conditioning, so that it can be used in a more responsible way, as well as motion-activated lighting sensors so that the light is turned on only when needed.
On the other hand, there is also the option to turn off the light on your mobile phone through an app connected to the sensor. This point greatly helps to regulate and reduce the unnecessary use of electricity in the house, now you do not have to worry about whether you left the light by chance or not.
These smart devices are also being used in offices, resulting in more technologically efficient organizations and homes.

Technological transformations that help nature

On the other hand, there are different goals and paths that make technology increasingly able to take better care of nature:
• Electric vehicles: strenuous efforts are being made to reduce pollution from vehicles, making them increasingly sustainable. size Electric and hybrid cars have increased and prices have been reduced to encourage this type of consumption.
• Renewable energy: Clean household energy is becoming increasingly available and more efficient. Its design is more attractive and accessible to facilitate this change in favor of the natural environment.
• Environmental monitoring: There are already drones that monitor areas of plants and animals, devices and systems that analyze the level of atmospheric pollution as well as highly accurate technological control that tests the quality of any type of product that reaches the market.


Digital transformation: transversal at all levels?

Indeed, it is not only the environment that takes advantage of technology and its components to reinvent themselves. Nowadays it is impossible to separate sectors that have gained from implementing innovations.
From the most traditional to the most modern, there are markets that have only gained from this digital transformation:
• E-commerce services: Have you ever thought that you can make purchases on your mobile phone and receive them within a day (or even on your own)? Today most large supermarkets have an online store.
Online Entertainment Industry: Who would have thought that casinos, with a mechanical and human element (the dealers and gamblers supporting players), would transform with the arrival of digital? In this sense, online slot machines have become popular among users on niche platforms, with many designs inspired by themes such as myths, various ceremonies, and even contemporary TV series.
• Health: at the moment it is very easy to make an appointment or contact health centers. In addition, technology also came to help a lot in the research. One example is in Mortágua, where the Clinical Research Initiation Project was born.
• Passenger transportation: To facilitate travel, there are fixed rate transportation applications that allow transportation to different points in the city.
• Food Delivery: Eating out is good enough, are you now ordering food from your favorite restaurant? even better. Once again, applications are at the service of consumer convenience and comfort.

In short, it has been proven that steps are being taken towards better technology solutions for the benefit of the environment. There is now a lack of continuity in projects for a greener world, as technology helps reap the rewards and reinvent environmental processes.

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