Celebrities who will have children this year

Anyone who will be a mother in 2022 should be worried. Pregnant, many first-time celebs are still waiting to celebrate Mother’s Day with their babies in their arms. For veterans of motherhood and those born at other times, history is even more special.

Vivian Araujo will be a mother in 2022

Vivian Araujo will be a mother for the first time in 2022. The 47-year-old actress performed in Sabucai in April even with her 5-month pregnancy. Without getting off the jump, she was famously next to Salgueiro’s drums as a queen.

In order to get pregnant, Vivian Araujo revealed that she resorted to in vitro fertilization. The couple used Viviane’s husband’s sperm, Guilherme Militão, and a donated egg. If the baby was a boy, the celebrity revealed to O Globo that he would be called Joaquim. If it was a girl, it would be Maria Alice.

Photo: Reproduction / RioTur / Instagram / @araujovivianne


Perhaps one of the most famous pregnant women in the world, Rihanna is due to give birth in 2022. The 33-year-old singer and businesswoman is in her third trimester and will soon have her first child in her arms.

The pregnancy was announced at the end of January, when she was already showing a big belly. Always under the clicks of the paparazzi, the already famous appeared enjoying the beach in her homeland, the island of Barbados, and even choosing children’s clothes. The singer’s first child is the result of her relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky.

The singer will be a mother in 2022 for the first time – Image: clone/Instagram/@badgalriri

Virginia Fonseca

At 23, digital influencer and wife Zé Felipe is pregnant with her second child. The celebrity is currently in her fourth month of pregnancy and shares her daily life with fans on social media.

Zee Felipe and Virginia have been married since 2021 and are already the parents of little Maria Alice, who turns one year old at the end of May. Despite being young, the girl already has 6.9 million followers on her own social network. The mother has more than 36 million on Instagram and the father has more than 23 million followers.

Photo: Playback / Instagram / @ Virginia

Fernanda Vasconcelos

In February, actress Fernanda Vasconcelos revealed who will be a mother in 2022. The celebrity is expecting her first child with husband Cassio Reyes – the actor and presenter is already the father of Noah Reis, 14, as a result of the relationship he had with him. Actress Danielle Wenitz.

At the age of 37, Fernanda announced her pregnancy on social media with a photo that showed her pregnancy test.

Who will you be a mother in 2022
Photo: clone/instagram/@fevasconcellos

Mac Luma will also be a mother in 2022

Youngest on Mother’s List in 2022, the 19-year-old singer announced in February that she is expecting her first child. The Pernambuco native commented that she was happy with what happened, but the revelation came as a shock.

The celebrity is currently four months pregnant. The announcement came two months ago due to an information leak in the media. Earlier, the singer decided to wait to tell the audience. And about her father, the singer said that she will not participate in the show because she is not a public figure.

Who will you be a mother in 2022
MC Loma is going to be a mom in 2022 and made Revelation tea – Photo: Engage/Instagram/@mclomaofficial

Sophie Turner

Wife of Joe Jonas since 2019 – a member of the Jonas Brothers and DNCE – known as Sansa from Game of Thrones or Jean Gray from the new X-Men movies, the 26-year-old British woman was already expecting her second child.

Willa, the first-born of the couple, was born in July 2020. The couple are conservative about their personal lives and it took some time to publish the pregnancy photos, which were already leaked to the media.

Photo: clone/Instagram/@Soft

Letícia Cazarré will be a mother in 2022 for the fifth time

The wife of Giuliano Cazari, the actor who currently plays Alcides in the remake of Pantanal, is expecting her fifth child. The couple already have young children Inacio Cazari, Gaspar Cazari, Vicente Cazari and Maria Maddalena Cazari, the youngest of whom is just over a year old.

Leticia is an experienced subject on the subject, talks about motherhood on social media, is involved in life, and is a journalist and biologist.

Photo: Playback / Instagram / @leticiacazarre

Paula Amorim

The Unlimited 2021 winner announced her pregnancy late last year. Currently, the celebrity is already 8 months pregnant and is going to give birth soon. The first child, the celebrity will share the experience with her fiancé, Reno Simoes. The two met during BBB 18 and began a relationship here that will lead to a wedding. In June of last year, Breno announced that the wedding would still be in 2022.

Paula and Bruno
Photo: clone / Instagram / @paulaamorim

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