Ball – Benfica – Sporting: Watch the live broadcast here (women’s football)

75 minutes: Benfica scores! Passed from Polita to Ana Vitoria, the ball rebounded from Bruna Lourenço and Alicia Correa, and back to the No. 10 of the Eagles who, in the face of Doris Pacic, shot 3-0.

72 minutes: A substitution in the Benfica team with the departure of Jessica Silva and the entry of Christie O’Shebe.

71 minutes: Yellow card for Jessica Silva.

70 minutes: Stop at the meeting to hydrate the players.

69 minutes: Yellow card to Carolina Beckert.

68th minute: Diana Silva’s single move and a cross pass into the middle of the small penalty area and a cut of divine providence by Catarina Amado, who made Joanna Marshaw on her back ready to shoot the goal. On the rebound, Chandra Davidson, with a header, saw Katrina Amado deny him a goal on the line.

67th minute: An excellent pass from Polita and Francesca of Nazareth, in the face of Doris Pacic, she tried to get the hat, but the Leonin goalkeeper denied her intentions.

62 minutes: Double substitution in the Benfica team, with the departure of Lucia Alves and Andrea Faria, for the entrances of Valeria Cantuario and Francesca of Nazareth.

57th minute: A wonderful shot from Andrea Jacinto, from the middle of the street, to be saved by Catelyn Talbert, a corner kick no less. Amazing moment in Luz!

49 min: What a loss for Anna Vittoria! The No. 10 of the Eagles, completely isolated in the face of Doris Pacic, tried to keep the ball out of the Leonen goalkeeper’s reach as much as possible, but saw his shot go over the left post of Sporting’s goal.

46 minutes: Substitution in Sporting, with the departure of Mariana Rosa and the entry of Alicia Correa.

The beginning of the second part!

With a very convenient advantage, since a draw would be enough to win the title, Benfica are on the verge of repeating the feat they achieved last season and, in this way, reaching their first double title in their history.

Sporting tried to fight back, and managed to get some arrivals close to the red post, but the truth is that the Lionesses couldn’t really bother Catelyn Talbert, the American Benfica goalkeeper who always showed safety between the posts.

Benfica’s devastating entry into the game left the title doors wide open. Carol Costa, two minutes later, took advantage of Doris Pasic’s false start to open the scoring, and it was up to Andrea Faria, 10 minutes later, to increase the competition, after a rebound from Chloé Lacas’ pass on the left. Which Fatima Pinto, the center of the region, could not excuse.

interval! Benfica 2 Sporting 0!

45 + 5 minutes: long pass from Andrea Jacinto and Chandra Davidson, already in the area, hit the ball with his left foot into the side netting of Benfica’s net.

45 + 4 min: A direct free kick from the right of Joanna Marchau, straight into the goal, but Catelyn Talbert was vigilant and punched the ball to prevent more damage.

A minimum of 5 minutes of extra time has been added to the first half.

42 minutes: Chandra Davidson’s powerful shot from the edge of the area outside the left post.

34th minute: Brenda Perez’s shot from a distance over the crossbar from Catelyn Talbert.

30 minutes: Yellow card to Paulita.

29th minute: Excellent individual action by Chloe Lacasse, who inside the small penalty area, hit the body of Bruna Lourenco, who literally blocked the goal of the Canadian international Benfica.

29 minutes: A cross from the right of Cloé Lacasse and Beatriz Cameirão, at the edge of the area, in the wakeful save of Doris Pacic.

28th minute: Chloe Lakas hits the counter-attack with a weak shot in the hands of Doris Pacic.

24 minutes: Stop at the meeting to hydrate the players. It’s very hot in Luz…

The 21st minute: Mariana Rosa’s cross from the right side and professional Silvia Rebelo cut a corner kick, preventing the ball from reaching Chandra Davidson, who was already ready to end the match.

15 minutes: Mariana Rosa’s initiative, which escaped the defense of Lucia Alves, passed to Diana Silva who, already in the area, hit a cross, slightly to the side of the right post of the red goal.

12 minutes: Benfica scores! Played by Cloé Lacasse, who bent left to center with the ball under control, and after a rebound (Fátima Pinto didn’t get a break), Andreia Faria crossed 2-0.

9 minutes: A cross from the left half of Andrea Jacinto, but Mariana Rosa in the middle of the area does not succeed in deviating, and the ball calmly reaches the hands of Catelyn Talbert.

3 minutes: Benfica scores! In Polita’s right corner, Doris Bacic had a poor approach to play, and Carol Costa fell on the edge of the area slightly to the left, shot hard and managed to lead 1-0.

Match start!

This is the second time that Studio da Luz will host a women’s football match between Benfica and Sporting. In the 2019/2020 season, specifically on October 19, 2019, the Eagles and Lionesses faced each other in the red box, as the host team smiled with a win (3-0). On that date, the record for attendance of women’s football matches was broken in Portugal, with 12,812 spectators attending in Luz. is today? Will this number be multiplied?

Benfica: Catelyn Talbert, Catarina Amado, Silvia Rebelo cCarol Costa, Lucia Alves, Andrea Faria, Paulita, Beatrice Camerao, Anna Vitoria, Jessica Silva and Chloe Lacas

Alternatives: Carolina Villau, Anna Seca, Valeria Cantorio, Maria Negrao, Kristi Uchibe, Francesca Nazareth and Lara Pintaselgo

Coach: Philippa Patao

Sporting: Doris Pacic, Carolina Beckert, Bruna Lourenço, Joanna Marchau, Mariana Rosa, Fatima Pinto cAndrea Jacinto, Joanna Martins, Brenda Perez, Diana Silva, Chandra Davidson

Alternatives: Hanna Seibert, Rita Fontmana, Anna Telles, Melissa Hasanbegovic, Francesca Silva, Vera Seid and Alicia Correa

Coach: Mariana Cabral

to rule: Filipa Cunha (AF Viana do Castelo)

Auxiliaries: Sarah Alves and Rafaela Almeida

Fourth arbitrator: Joanna Pinto

There really is a difference!

Remember that Benfica is the current cup holder. Last season, in the 14th and final round of the qualifying stage for the tournament, Filipa Patão’s men, who also needed a tie to secure the title, beat Sporting (3-0), and with that they took first place. Women’s football championship in the history of the red badge.

The Eagles enter this penultimate round at the top of the championship, with 33 points, while the lionesses come in second, with 27 points. This means that in the event of a win or a tie, Benfica are crowned national champions.

Benfica and Sporting will face each other this afternoon (4pm), in a match that marks Round 12 of the qualification stage for the BPI Champions League, which will take place in Estádio da Luz. BOLA will follow online the eternal derby side by side. do not miss …

Good afternoon!

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