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How many attributes does it take to make a player an idol? date of Joaquin Sanchez How do Real BetisSure, it’s a wedding that goes down in history. With a football career spanning two decades, the Spanish midfielder has lived from sweet to bitter, both at FC Seville and in the national team. Now 40 – he turns 41 on July 21 – he is one of the few “forties” who continue to shine on the court. His career culminated on April 24 when he was crowned Copa del Rey.

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Joaquin is the most played player in La Liga, the Spanish championship, and also the athlete who has bounced the most with Betis in history: 507 times. Throughout his career, including his stints with clubs and the national team, he played 914 matches and scored 113 goals.

But if the career of footballers sometimes boils down to winning titles, then Joaquin, nevertheless, is an exception. The player won only three titles, all from the King’s Cup: the first in 2005, with Betis himself, the second in 2008 with Valencia, and the last he recently won.

And it was until the last snatch of the 17th shirt with Betis crowning a superb pass. In the final against Valencia, he won on penalties after a 1-1 draw in 90 minutes.

The captain no longer enjoys the rhythm of the whole match, he has been in reserve this season and usually enters the final stage. But in that match, he went in and took the penalty kick.

“When the coach asked me to kick in second place, I said: ‘I will shoot Panenka style’ (Cavadina), I swear, but as I saw that the goalkeeper kept it for so long in the first penalty kick, the player joked in an interview with the Spanish newspaper, “I did not I dare it again” Brand after opening.

In the end, he was the King’s Cup champion for the third time, and his second with the Green and White team. And behind all the charisma and humor present in his career, he had the opportunity to go to tears and sympathize with his teammates for what could be his last trophy of his career.

Joaquin with Betis coach – @RealBetis/Twitter

“These were very long days, days full of emotions, many tears of joy, repeating in my head over and over again that moment when Juan scored the last penalty, celebrating with the people, and of course raising the trophy to the sky of Seville in front of every Betis. This history will be recorded and may It was a special moment.”

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As in the 2005 Conquest, at the age of 24, he reproduced the legendary image next to the trophy in this edition.

Joaquin started in the club's under-19 squad -
Joaquin started at the U19 club – @joaquinarte / Instagram

Born on July 21, 1981 in the small province of El Puerto de Santa Maria in western Spain, Joaquín got his start in the youth ranks of Real Betis at the age of 16. Shortly thereafter, he made his professional debut at a delicate moment in the club’s history, which played in La Liga Spanish second. In 2000/2001, the team was able to arrive and four years later, they were champions of the King’s Cup, ending a 28-year absence from the club without winning the competition.

Joaquin’s start was overwhelming. He was elected to the La Liga title in the 2001/2002 season, and at the age of 21, he was called up by the Spanish national team for the 2002 World Cup. In the quarter-final match, he missed the penalty kick that disqualified Spain from that edition. With the national team, he also played in the 2006 World Cup Finals and the 2004 European Nations Cup.

Although most of his career was spent in green and white, the player bid farewell to Betis in 2006. That year, he transferred to the powerful Valencia team, where he stayed for five seasons and made 215 appearances.

He also played impressive spells in Malaga (from 2011 to 2013, where he played 70 matches) and Fiorentina of Italy (2013 to 2016, another 71 matches).

Throughout his career, he has played alongside former Brazilian players Denilson and Marcos Asoncao and midfielder Julio Baptista.

Since returning to Betis in 2015, he has owned 2% of the club. A unique personality in the team and also in football, he does not hide his admiration for the place he revealed. At the age of 40, Joaquin Sanchez announced the extension of his contract at the title celebration ceremony, to the embrace and applause of the players and his fans.

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