Investing in technology supports the growth of the maritime sector

According to the data, Brazil invested $45.7 billion in technology investment and generated revenue of R$2 billion in the maritime sector.

São Paulo, 5/6/2022 – It is important and necessary to distinguish ourselves because we live in a context where programs have a high level of relevance.

According to the data, Brazil invested $45.7 billion in technology investment and generated revenue of R$2 billion in the maritime sector.

According to ABES – the Brazilian Association of Software Companies – Brazil currently has 1.65% of investments in technology worldwide and 40% are in Latin America. The country also ranks 10th in the global ranking of IT investments, which consist of software, hardware, and services. The value generated on Brazilian soil is US$45.7 billion applied, and it tops the rankings in Latin America, which recorded US$115 billion. Data that reflects sector growth and indicates investment potential by other sectors in the software sector.

In this way, investing in technology management makes the business environment suitable for developing services, products, processes and even business models, according to Fabio Campion, president of “TID Software.” In line with these data, the Brazilian marine sector recorded high sales in the market even with the period of the pandemic that devastated the world. This is revealed by the survey recently published by Acobar, the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Boats and Their Tools, which reported revenue of R$2 billion. The association estimates that by the end of 2022 there will be a 10% growth in the sale of ships, as well as waiting lines at shipyards. “As in other sectors, marine consumers are looking for products that are closer to the realm of technology and, without a doubt, in environments that offer more resources, solutions and experiences,” says Fabio.

Brazil has attracted international manufacturers for production and potential investments for ships in the country. In addition, the rental of boats on Brazilian soil has attractive prices compared to abroad. Brazilian shipyards are also gaining international recognition through custom ships and continuous production improvements.

Carol Santiago, CEO of Compre Náutica – a marine classifieds platform – underscores this trend for people seeking to improve their health and well-being and investing in new experiences. She stressed “a feeling that is deeply affected by the epidemic.” According to the businesswoman also, linking this crucial moment for the sector with the investment of its own technologies to add more fame and ease to the consumer and user, becomes imperative in this current context of the marine sector. According to her, nowadays consumer and user demand more than one platform – they are looking for opportunities, information and communication – which can be provided with more advanced technology.

In the midst of this, the user is striving for an increasingly personal and intuitive experience, so the need for each platform to have its own resources and frequent updates – improving the service provided, according to the businesswoman. For Bruno Santiago, Chief Technology Officer of “Compre Náutica”, having an in-house structure in companies in the offshore sector will be a direction for the future. “Having the technological strength within the company allows for rapid and structuring adaptation, providing a better user experience,” he highlights.

According to data collected by Acobar and the Department of Ports and Coasts (DPC), Brazil had about 690,000 active boats in the country in 2021. While the number of qualified sailing professionals exceeded one million. “Understanding that the sector is growing exponentially is essential to investing in new technologies and meeting the needs of this entire audience,” concluded Carol Santiago.

Fabio also highlights the assessment regarding the effects of cultural change on consumers, challenges and technological shifts. “It is important and necessary to distinguish ourselves because we live in a context where software now enjoys a high level of relevance and has its own system, with unique resources and rapid updating at any time, and this is essential for excellence,” emphasizes Fabio.

Sailing in new waters

On April 20, Compre Náutica and TID Software inaugurated a partnership, which will allow them to combine strategies and structures to improve the technological content presented to the user. The two companies begin to develop with a common goal, however, the independence of work remains. According to the CEO of “TID Software”, this consortium aims to add more knowledge and technological performance in the maritime sector.

Carol Santiago, CEO of Compre Náutica, sees this partnership as a powerful union for shared growth, always looking for improvements and a better consumer experience. She concluded, “Technology is driving all sectors at present, and through this measure we seek to find new ways for the maritime sector to excel with initiatives and strategies in the short and long term.”

Consolidation enhances the current moment that each company is going through, which is looking for new market possibilities and joint development.

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