Football: Elite clubs recover financially after an epidemic shock

Buoyed by the Copa Libertadores da America title, which pumped $22.5 million into the club’s coffers, Palmeiras had the second-highest revenue in the 2021 season, behind only Flamengo. Billion (Credit: Juan Mabromata/AFP)

The complete resumption of Brazilian football in 2021, after being suspended for a period in 2020 due to the epidemic, was good news not only for the fans, who were able to return to the stadiums in the last months of the year to follow the matches, but especially. For fans and clubs that saw revenue recovery. The country’s 20 largest clubs recorded a total turnover of R$6.9 billion, which is 37% higher than R$5.1 billion in the previous season. Rather, the numbers exceeded those of 2019 (6.1 billion Brazilian reais), before the health crisis. 2020 TV rights and dollar prizes in major South American competitions (Copa Libertadores da America and Cuba Sudamericana) helped boost the numbers, according to a study by Sports Value, a sports marketing consultancy. Palmeiras and Flamingo were the most cause for celebration.

The current Libertadores champion earned R$910 million, which is 71% higher in the annual comparison (R$531.5 million). Alfeverdi brought in only the 2021 title from the main continental club competition, in November, 22.5 million US dollars, in addition to the 15 million US dollars he earned for winning the 2020 edition of the tournament, the final of which was held in January of the year. In the past, due to Covid-19. Important promotion in the accounts of the association headed by Leila Pereira. Flamengo, who lifted the South American Championship trophy twice in the past six years, was again the record holder, reaching R$ 1.08 billion, a total 47% higher than the same period in 2020 (R$735 billion). 5 million).

The values ​​achieved by the two clubs individually exceeded those obtained in 2019, amounting to R$598.4 million and R$950.4 million, respectively. Together, Alviverde and Rubro-Negro surpass the revenue of Corinthians (third, at R$501.8 million), Atlético-MG (fourth, R$501 million), Grêmio (fifth, at R$498 million) and São Paulo (sixth, at R$465.3 million) Brazilian Reals (millions) together.

After showing a deficit greater than R$1 billion in 2020, elite national football clubs registered a surplus of R$430 million, driven by stakes with television and prizes, which rose from 39% of the total in 2019 to 50% in 2021 – in in In 2020, they represented 34%. It was the sponsorship that grew the most after broadcasting rights and brought in more than R$830 million for clubs. Only Athletico-PR, Botafogo-RJ and Vasco showed a decline in revenue from 2020 to 2021. Football costs amounted to R$4.8 billion, equivalent to 70% of revenue. In 2020, they represented 86% of the total, and in 2019, 79%.

Another positive point regarding last year’s budgets was the club’s debt reduction. If in 2020, at the height of the epidemic, it reached a record high of R$ 10.3 billion, and decreased in 2021 by 5% to R$ 9.8 billion. Atletico and Cruzeiro of Minas Gerais are the country’s largest debtors, with liabilities of R$1.26 billion (4% increase in annual comparison) and R$1.02 billion (up 6% over the previous year), respectively. Red Bull Bragantino recorded the largest increase in debt from 2020 to 2021, an increase of 91%, from R$144 million to R$274.9 million. On the other hand, Atlético-GO showed the largest decrease in debt, from 74%, from R$33.3 million to R$8.8 million.

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