Father Louise de Oxose denounces religious intolerance of neighbours

President of Teresina Municipal Youth Council (COMJUV) and Council Leader Konga from Sao SebastiaoLuis Antonio de Moura Silva Father Luis de OxoseI mentioned it is They suffer from religious intolerance Next to the neighbors is Villa Angelica, in the neighborhood of Arias, south of the capital. One Incident Report was registered in Fourth Police District this week.

In an interview with meionorte.comThe religious leader reported that on the morning of last Tuesday (03), the second The neighbors got into an argument On her street, the primary cause of the controversy was when one of them got upset because the other was at her door and insulted her. Therefore, the two went on to address their differences on the public road.

Since then, one of his daughters in the discussion heard the name Father Luis de OxoseHe went to his house to inform him of what was happening at that moment. Then he explained that he left the room and sat down on the sofa in his living room, where he was clearly aware of everything he heard and what was happening on the street.

Father Louise de Oxose denounces religious intolerance of neighbors in Teresina (Image: Disclosure)

The daughter immediately went to the balcony of Bai Di Santo’s house and Cell phone mode to record the discussion That for no apparent reason, Share the priest’s name. Soon, other girls living in the same community began to arrive at the house, where the neighbors could hear screaming and attacking not only by the neighbors on the street, but also by the neighboring streets, in addition to the neighbors on the street witnessing everything.

“I came across my holy son in sorrow calling me and saying my name is in the street. When I left I saw the neighbour, Who is an evangelist, I defend myself in front of other neighbors It is already normal to demonize us and make fun of our religion. She said we are children of God like everyone else. Then he said that I was a “shameless macumbero,” that I wanted to possess the world, and that “no one can do more than God,” as if I wanted to. We’ve been treated this way several times, but at no point have we scored. Even because our religion has always valued maintaining peace. My daughters were accused of different things. Injuries and more injuries. He was homophobic. Some of them called him “Sabatona”, and called his son a “pimp”. Everyone has a name and respect within the community. We provide social service in the community, within our city and state,” he said.

Neighbor (from the video above) He also threatened the priest’s safety and invited him to fight, and threatened everyone with promises of firearmsAccording to Luis Antonio. According to Father Luis de Oxusi, who is also the president of the charity Amigos de Todos (ASBAMTO), he was unfairly insulted at his door, They suffered from racial slurs, religious intolerance, defamation and calls for justice.

In addition, he indicated in the report that he did not avenge years ago for the crimes he committed from the neighbors, but now he is fighting for his rights and the rights of his children, because according to him, Your safety and the safety of your people who owe it to yourself is in danger.

I asked my daughter to record those atrocities and crimes. Because it is my religion, my sanctuary. Religious intolerance is a crime. Injury is a crime. We were deeply insulted. Exactly because we have a name for taking care of people and doing good to them. Accusing you of things that weren’t done hurts the soul. It does not happen today that these things do not happen. Each time one of the sons of the house passes by, he makes the sign of the cross, expressing himself, in the folk proverb. It’s like we’re the devil, a bad thing. His wife screams loudly as if we mean to hurt her. I want justice for my traditions, to live in a secular state by truth and to exercise my faith, to come and go and teach my faith. He adds that my legislation guarantees this.

A hearing is already scheduled for next Wednesday (11) at DP 4th on the case.

Father Louise de Oxose denounces religious intolerance of neighbors in Teresina (Image: Disclosure)Father Louise de Oxose denounces religious intolerance of neighbors in Teresina (Image: Disclosure)

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