Celebration in Si Cathedral, marking the inauguration of the Synod Diocese

The Archbishop said: “Today it is our turn to be the light of Christ in the city, the salt and leaven of this great mass of humanity.”

Photo: Fernando Gironazzo / Diocese of Communications in São Paulo

Anthem 1The The Diocesan Synod of São Paulo reverberated at C Cathedral on Saturday afternoon, 7th, and was sung by priests, nuns, men and women, Auxiliary and Faithful Bishops at the opening ceremony of the Diocesan Synod Assembly.

It was a resumption of face-to-face synod activities at the diocese level after the most dangerous phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is an important moment that God gives us to walk the ‘path of communion, penance and apostolic renewal’ in all our diocese,” Archbishop Odilo explained when he received the faithful.

The Archbishop emphasized that there are many urgency in evangelism and pastoral care in the diocese that must keep pace with the challenges of the times. “The Synod is an opportunity to look at the religious, evangelizing and pastoral reality of our church in the city of São Paulo. We want to hear what God tells us about the life and mission of our diocese,” he said, calling on believers to open up to the voice of the Spirit to hear what he says to the church.

Signs of Faith and Symbols of the Synod

The celebration was marked by many signs referring to the firstThe Diocesan Congregation and the Faith of Christians, such as Sirio Pascal and Villa Senodal; crowning the flags of the episcopal districts, environmental agents and the diocese; as well as from Banners Among the saints and blessed who distinguished the evangelization in the city of São Paulo, such as São José de Anchita, Santo Antonio de Santana Galvão, Santa Paulina, Beato Mariano de la Mata, and Beta Assunta Marchetti

The decree convening the synodal assembly, the order and the instrument of work were also submitted and accepted. And accept the word of God and the Gospel.

mood rejuvenation

Archbishop Odilo, in his homily, expressed his happiness at the conclusion of the synodal assembly ceremony, after two years of work being restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The archbishop recalls the reading of the Gospels (cf. Jn 21:1-19), in which the apostles were discouraged after the crucifixion of Jesus, but regained their joy in being reunited with the Risen One, and the archbishop pointed out that even in the church today there can be moments Crisis, but this frustration should not prevail.

“Jesus the Risen One again calls the apostles to be with him, to walk together for the message, the fruit appears soon. The Synod Church is the antithesis of scattering, division, and frustration. In the Synodal Church, you again experience the power of the Resurrected Spirit, who does not abandon the Church Rather, it joyfully renews its strength,” he stressed.

Long path of faith

Archbishop Odilo recalled the course of the diocesan synod, which he held in 2017, which saw stages in the dioceses, in 2018, and in the episcopal and ecological vicars, in 2019. In 2020, the synod was scheduled to convene, but the epidemic rendered it useless . However, during this period, everyone in the Church was able to heed the search for the essentials and learn that faith cannot live in isolation. In addition, the Church throughout the world also began a conciliar path, beginning with the invocation of Pope Francis.

The Archbishop of São Paulo recalled the saints, the blessed, the monks and all the people of God who had already given their testimony to the faith in the diocese. “Thanks to this anonymous crowd of sent disciples of Jesus Christ, known by God, the church was built in São Paulo, and the faith was proclaimed, witnessed, celebrated, and transmitted to us,” he commented.

“Today it is our turn to be the light of Christ in the city, the salt and leaven of this enormous mass of mankind, where the power of the gospel to humanize coexistence cannot be lacking, and we constantly propose to the city of men ideals and stress the goals of the “City of God,” the heavenly Jerusalem.

Open to the work of the Holy Spirit

Also during the homily, the Archbishop commented that the Synod is an invitation to sincere and humble listening to God, in a position ready to accept what the Holy Spirit says to the Church in São Paulo.

“What we hope is that the Synod will be able to launch processes that will, over time, produce the fruits of communion, penance and apostolic renewal. We trust in the work of the Holy Spirit, who is the true motivator and guide of the Synod and ecclesial life”, commented Cardinal Shearer, stressing that the Synod will not produce effects Immediate and automated.

Commitment to faith

After the sermon, the faithful prayed for the call of all saints. Then there was a renewal of the vows of baptism and the exercise of the Catholic faith, when Pascal Sirio and the candle of the diocese walked through the central aisles of the temple and the faithful lit the candles in their hands.

“Let a light shine not to conceal it, but for all to see its works and to make the light of Christ shine in every corner of the city and the pastoral work. The Cardinal commented on everything related to the Church of Christ to enlighten the city and help human society to taste the Gospel.”

The participants in the celebration also offered prayers to the Lord that the parish council would be enlightened and led by the Holy Spirit, “generating communion, conversion and apostolic renewal” in all the diocese and in every parish congregation.

There was also the invocation of the Holy Spirit. The collection, which was intended for the charitable work of the Belém Expedition; Our Father’s prayer. In addition to handing over the Synod to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Prayer to the parishioner and the blessing of the last dispatch.

SYNOD continuity

More than 400 delegates from the Diocesan Synod are invited to participate in the first working session of the Synodal Assembly, which will take place on June 4, in the morning, at the Paulus College of Technology and Communication (Fabcom), in Villa Mariana.

Until the end of the year, there will be a total of seven sessions of the diocesan assembly of the synod, once a month.

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