Átila Nunes: Our Guardian Angel | beyond life

There are spirits that stick specifically to a person to protect them. It is what we popularly call a guardian angel or guardian angel, a spirit belonging to a high rank. What is the mission of this protective spirit? To be a father in his relationship with his children, to guide his disciple on the path of goodness, help him with his advice, comfort him in his ordeal, and raise his spirits in life’s adversities.

The protective spirit is dedicated to the individual from birth until death, and often accompanies him after incarnation. The soul has the right to choose the creatures it sympathizes with. For some, it is a pleasure; For others, important. This does not mean that that protective spirit ceases to protect other individuals, it only protects them to a lesser degree, without exclusivity.

A protective spirit can, yes, abandon her stepson, if he proves to be rebellious to her advice. He turns away when he sees that his directives are futile, because his stepson open himself up to the influence of lesser spirits. He never leaves you completely and comes back as long as he is called. Neither in prisons, nor in hospitals, nor in solitude, we are separated from friends whom we cannot see, but who give us spiritual advice.

It is possible to consult with the guardian angels, establishing an intimate relationship with them similar to that which prevails between best friends. And there is no point in hiding anything from them, because it is impossible to deceive them. A soul that abandons its stepson does not harm it. When they leave, it is the lawyer’s sole fault. Therefore, there is no point in blaming anyone for the misfortunes that occur, because the blame falls on the one who abandons his guardian angel. Evil spirits unite to neutralize good deeds. It may happen that the good spirit, the guardian angel, is “expelled”.

On the other hand, how does the guardian angel – the good spirit – allow the influence of evil spirits? The problem is with a lawyer who rejects him, though always positively influenced by his advice, by the good ideas he inspires, which hardly go unanswered. It is the law of free will.

A protective spirit is not always with her stepson, because there are times when it is not necessary. When he reaches the point of being able to orient himself, the time comes when he no longer needs a master. But this does not happen on Earth.

What can not download everything on the backs of guardian angels. Even because that would leave us in a comfortable position, without even making an effort to gain experience, an experience that leads us to evolve. I repeat: it is the law of free will.

We all want to know the name of our protective spirit, our guardian angel, even to call it that. We’re rarely allowed, so call it whatever you like. Your protector will answer your call by whatever name you call him, as all good souls are brothers and help each other. These good souls can be strangers or dear relatives who have left us.

Protective spirits belong to the high spirits class. A father, for example, can become the protective spirit of his child, but this protection presupposes a certain degree of elevation. A parent who protects his child can also be helped by a higher spirit. When a father guarding his son materializes, it is difficult to continue to watch him. Souls accept only missions that they can carry out to the end. The soul incarnates in a world where existence is material, and it is so submissive to the body that it cannot fully devote itself to another soul.

It is not uncommon for a loved one to leave us to protect us. Grandparents and parents, or even children who have been through them, are more likely to return to guide us and correct our paths. After all, close family members, dear ones, are also friends who love us and cheer for our well-being and success. Therefore, never exclude the possibility that your guardian angel is a family member very close to you and has already left our world.

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