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Posted on 5/7/2022 11:43 AM.

Photo: Ed Santos/Accorda Cidad

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The 54-year-old massage therapist Nerivaldo Santana, who has been visually impaired for 35 years, is happy to help and accompany his family whenever needed in their activities. Despite his handicap, he is still energetic, takes public transportation alone and knows Feira de Santana like the back of his hand.

Recently, one of her daughters, Natalia Oliveira Santana, started studying a pedagogy course at the Estadual de Feira de Santana (Uefs), and still lacking experience with group bus schedules, the young woman got help from her father go to the institution in early days.

Thinking of her daughter’s safety and helping her with the process of adjusting to university, Nerivaldo Santana was willing to accompany the young woman, teaching her the itinerary and schedules of public transportation.

According to Natália, in an interview with Acorda Cidade, Neirivaldo knows Vieira like no one else. He takes public transportation and knows the timetables for every neighborhood in the city. That is why she chose to accept her father’s help in the early days. “I seldom ride public transportation, only when my dad needed to work something out on the street, so I didn’t have that rhythm of getting on the bus,” said the pedagogy student.

Photo: Ed Santos/Accorda Cidad

Also in an interview with the site, Nerivaldo revealed how he lost his sight. According to him, he was in a car accident in 1986, when he was crossing the intersection of Rua Castro Alves and Barao do Cotegipe.

“I lost my sight in a car accident in 1986, and that accident hit both my eyes, my retina was detached. I took a trip to my brother-in-law, it was World Cup year and I, crossed Rua Castro Alves towards Barao do Cotegipe, the track was undulating and I lost direction, and I crashed With a pole. I lost my sight, I was young, I was 18, and I had to go through the whole rehab of my life.”

Even after he lost his sight, Nerivaldo did not calm down and sought to see life in other ways, with much will to learn the new paths he must take.

“Since then I had to learn Braille and completed my third year of high school, which I was already doing at the time. I started a family, learned the profession of a massage therapist and today I work as a volunteer in an institution, which is now interrupted by the epidemic. And I lived my life in Supporting the family, and I had two daughters, besides Natalia, I also had a 13-year-old daughter, and since I was young I have been in favor of teaching and housework. Calling her affectionately, Nate’s father said, “They never had any funding, and they cleared all their doubts.” with me, and that is the case to this day.”

For Nerivaldo Santana, it is a pleasure to be able to help his daughter at this point in her life. Although he lost his sight 35 years ago, knowing that his now 19-year-old daughter is studying at university makes him feel very happy.

Photo: Ed Santos/Accorda Cidad

“It’s a challenge, but I feel so good that Dad is standing by her side and supporting her. She feels good about being able to be there and I feel lucky to have this opportunity to support Natalia. People say my daughter looks a lot like me and I imagine she is white and tall. He has a good personality and character. A very, very kind person. I take pride in being a daughter like Natalia.”

Impressed by her father’s affection and dedication, Natalia also left a message for young people to always be with their family, the people they love most. “I want everyone to devote themselves to their studies, think about their future, and try to be as close to your parents, and those you love, just as my parents instruct me.”

Photo: Ed Santos/Accorda Cidad

With information from reporter Ed Santos of Acorda Cidade

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