The home of the former homeless cat. Not the cat, the dog!

Some prisons in São Paulo have an animal shelter. It would be great if Federal Rep. Daniel Silvera (PTB-RJ) would go to a place like this, wouldn’t it?

Benno, “the homeless former dog cat.” Photo: clone (Twitter)

Isn’t it funny how cats suffer in metaphors, folk sayings, and childhood songs?

Come on, you should know at least five. Let’s see if we remember together? “Curiosity killed the cat,” “I threw the stick at the cat, but the cat didn’t die […]”And “At night, all cats are gray”, “The grated cat is afraid of cold water”, “One eye on the fish, the other on the cat”.

Although almost all of them are negative, associating suspicion and distrust with the death of cats, or with a homogeneous unity of cats, there is a metaphor which, in the general sense, is seen as a compliment, which is the relationship of “beauty” with “a cat or a cat. In other words, ” The tramp is a cat.” As a metaphor, it works well, if not for details, that the tramp is a dog.

jeez! “dog”? like him?

The dog also has its own metaphors, sayings, and childhood songs. You, dear reader, should know at least five references, right? I dare you, right?! But come on, I’ll help you, ‘dog’ meaning ‘demon’, like ‘This boy has the dog in his body’; “Mango dog sucking”; “Kill the dog screaming”; Or “dog” in the pejorative sense of the sexual predator, “it’s a big dog.”

Well, the former homeless guy was, in fact, a “cat,” and being a “cat,” he got someone to take him. With one hand in direction and the other in affection, the former homeless man managed to cuddle, but deep down, right from the start, this former homeless man was a big dog. And of course I’m talking about Beno, the former homeless guy, who is now sharing the show he directed Victor CamejoJournal de Casa.

Bino certainly attracts and distracts much of the “Jornal de Casa” audience, a sort of “Greg’s news” with less budget and less repetition. Kamijou Special Jokes. This handsome ex-tramp, from time to time, is mentioned as a joke in some episodes of the show, and is probably only present at Victor Camejo’s house, because he knows that there are good people who are beggars, because of him. High coexistence with Morello Koto (sorry Morello, but everyone makes this joke).

Pino is adopted by Victor Camejo, who, in the face of him, when he delays the schedule for “Jornal de Casa,” uses the puppy as an excuse. The oldest excuse ever devised.

Well, I weigh my hands. Not so. Victor Camejo always keeps his followers updated on how Beno’s health is going, and in one of the program’s delays, the real reason was that Beno was sick. So much so that today Benno has no teeth.

But have you ever stopped to think about how easy it is to use a dog as an excuse for something? These days, a strong-ass guy says his electronic ankle bracelet can’t be recharged because his dog chews the charger. I’m talking about Daniel Silvera in an official statement to the Federal Police, on July 16, 2021. Well, okay, let’s give the fact that he doesn’t carry an electronic ankle bracelet another chance, so what about his defensive argument, and who claimed on April 4, 2022, did the electronic anklet take a life? its own?

Representative Daniel Silvera (PTB-RJ). Photography: Vinicius Loris (House of Representatives)

Daniel Silvera, among his many controversial speeches, was the one who suggested hitting a dead cat, until it nodded, on a minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Well, at least Daniel Silvera won’t be on the street, and he’ll have a closed condominium to live in, according to the STF’s majority vote in ruling on April 20 this year. Benno knows how bad it is to be homeless, and society needs to know that homeless people and beggars have animals in their care.

What a dream to have more efficient public policies that can give society hope in such cases. Slowness and incompetence of rigor and inspection, how many accidents are there so that the situation, in many cases, does not even have a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

One initiative that has made many people happier than wagging a dog’s tail at lunch is that some prisons in São Paulo have acquired a dog shed so that inmates can care for animals that have been abandoned on the streets.

I would love that Daniel Silvera can go to a prison that accommodates stray dogs. Although he has a past of crying tears of abandonment, he is very submissive to whoever thinks he is his owner, and can have the appearance of aggressive states, when deep down is just cowardice and fear, with a little education and qualification, he can become a better being. This applies to the stray dog ​​as well.

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