Guardiola: If you ask me what happened, I say it’s football

Pep Guardiola gave an interview on Friday in preparation for next Sunday’s match against Newcastle, but the topic ended up being eliminated in the Champions League for Real Madrid. Talk about the mental side, discuss a lot, and comment on what changes from now on with the exclusion. More than that, talk about how this type of confrontation contains a lot of details and you should be attentive to all of them.

The City manager was asked directly if this group of players could win the Champions League. It is a question that I cannot answer. Football is unpredictable. The owners didn’t buy this club and invest in these amazing structures just to win the Champions League, they did it to compete in every competition and every season.”

“We want to win the Champions League, maybe I’m not good enough to help the team do that. Nobody knows what could happen to another coach and other players. People say that if this group of players or Guardiola doesn’t win the title, they are losers, but I totally disagree. We know how difficult all this is.”

The coach was asked if elimination makes him hungrier. Wait a few seconds before he answers. “No. I am always hungry,” declared the Catalan. “I can’t live all year long thinking that my happiness would be … I know people abroad only talk: Champions League, Champions League, Champions League. We know it. But I can’t live that way.”

“Even because on the day we won the Champions League – and I hope that will happen – people will say it was because of the money we spent. It will never be what we went through. It’s normal to spend a lot and win the Champions League.” Yes, of course, we are the club. The only one in the world in the last 10, 15, 20 years that has been hot. Even with the money, it’s difficult to win the Champions League, but what we live in Madrid will help us in the future as a team and as a club,” the coach said.

“The players don’t realize it now, but I say: It was good for us. The worst thing is not living it, it’s sitting on the sofa and watching it. I hope to win the Champions League and be in the final in Paris and live it because it will make us better in the future,” said the coach. But nothing will change, we will remain the same.”

Then a reporter asked about Rodrygo’s first goal, if it was all mental from there. “There was no time for mentality. They scored again after 45 seconds. There was no time to fall,” the coach said.

That’s why when they talk about statistics and all these analyses, what is the analysis here? How do you control it, my friend? Emotion of the players, tell me what statistic are the players feeling at that moment, and how do we determine that? Or do you think the players wanted to lose, wanted to pass the ball, swerve before Rodrygo scored the second goal and all that? “

“It’s football. If you ask me what happened, I say: It’s football, it happened. And I accept. They’ve done it many other times, we knew, we talked about it, that we need to score goals and have chances. Now people say it’s a lack of Character Lack of character What would happen if Jack Grealish scored both goals The coach said, Where would the character be?

“Against Atletico Madrid, when Correa’s shot saved Ederson, we had character. But if Correa had scored, we wouldn’t have any character. When Courtois puts his foot on and the ball hits the cleats, it goes to the baseline and doesn’t interfere for a moment, the team has no character. ‘,” Guardiola also criticized.

“It was the ex-footballers who said that, not you ex-players who have been through this situation. The details are very small and we have to deal with them, maybe use the time better, relax before the game starts after the first goal, see where we go after Ederson is released, that’s The kind of thing. If you play with emotions and you can’t control them, at that moment they were in favor of Real Madrid, which is normal, they have already gone through that.”

“In the first game, here, we got the score 3-1. In that moment, we were hot and Real Madrid was on the ground, I was there, I saw it. One minute later, kick-off, 3-2. We didn’t even have two or three minutes. Minutes to take advantage of that positive moment, that momentum, this competition made up of moments like this,” he said.

“In the Premier League the players know there’s another game, then another game and so on. In the Champions League, it’s minutes. And it happened instantly. But does that mean we don’t deserve to be eliminated? No, it’s not about entitlement. Real Madrid deserved it because they reached the final. In order to deserve it, we should have scored more goals with the chances we had and better defended Rodrygo’s first goal,” said the coach.

“That is why I never blame others, we can always be better. If next season we are in the same situation, we should take this lesson and live it, maybe it will help us”, he added.

Manchester City enters the field on Sunday at 12:30 (Brasilia time). Check the TV schedule for where to watch the games.

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