“Benfica has always had success with foreign coaches”

Alvaro Magalhães, the former Benfica player, appealed to the players’ “pride” Nelson Verissimo not to allow the Porto team to celebrate again at the Estadio da Luz, next Saturday, when Luz receive the Dragons in the penultimate match and the 33rd place. The second round of the league.

“Everyone in the club has to honor the jersey and the crest on his chest. Benfica must compete with the same determination and spirit, as if they were going to fight for a goal. Of course, he will meet the schedule, but the athletes have to fight for victory, because Benfica’s name is on the line and they don’t want to The scepter is accepted at Porto Club, “stressed the former international who represented Benfica. From 1981 to 1990, in statements to Lusa Agency.

Benfica, third place, with a score of 71 points, receives Porto, the isolated leader, with a score of 85, on Saturday, at 18:00, at Stade da Luz, in a match with arbitration by Luis Godinho, from the Evora Federation, with one point. Enough to dethrone the Sporting Dragons from the throne.

“Mathematically speaking, Sporting can still retain the title, but FC Porto will only leave this tournament with a very big catastrophe. The team was the most regular and efficient, very competitive, and had a group of names of high technical quality. He pointed out that he remained in the first place because of the rigor, discipline, a lot of work and the team that works at full capacity, in the image of the coach, and he was stronger than the competitors.

If the Dragons “will try to celebrate now”, Álvaro Magalhães admits that the Eagles “will play on the opponent’s fault”, as in the victory over Sporting (2-0), at Alvalade, in the 30th round, and in several duels. On its way to the Champions League quarter-finals.

“He will play the same way he played in those matches, because it’s the coach’s style. I’ve always said that Benfica has players to build a very strong squad and discuss the title, but that’s Nelson Verissimo’s way of preparing the team. He has strikers who can upset the balance, especially Darwin Nunez, who will give A lot of work for the defenders of FC Porto ”, the expected, speaking of the top scorer in the competition, with 26 goals.

The form of the Uruguayan striker, who was “observed as being very technically advanced”, contrasted with Benfica’s second consecutive season without titles, based on a “terrible tournament”, from a “very inconsistent and capable team. much more than that “.

Internationally, the team has always been playing on the opponent’s fault and trying to surprise him. He doesn’t have to have many chances, but he scored in the ones he created and ended up winning a few matches. Nationally, things are different, with teams also playing differently. The club had some problems, but all the Benfica fans believed that this year they could fight for the title until the end”, he regretted it.

The 61-year-old ex-Portuguese international also warned that Lisbon’s players “cannot be champions” by losing 15 points at home, five points less than the club’s record set in 1996/97, refusing to mitigate the failure by criticizing referees.

“I don’t go that way. It must be understood that the Big Three benefit in some games and take damage in others. As a rule, there are no big differences in losses, even if there are criticisms every year. In my time it was the same: there are always complaints when They lose, but nobody complains when they win.And defend that, we must be prepared for these situations, and for that, it is necessary to earn more points.

Alvaro Magalhães won four championships, four Portuguese Cups and a Super Cup twice, and saw the “very irregular” work of Nelson Verissimo, who left the second team, then the second division captain, to replace Jorge Jesus in December 2021, between defeats with Porto in the last 16 of the Portuguese Cup. (0-3) and in the 16th round of the Spanish League (1-3).

“We wouldn’t think that we eliminated Ajax in the Champions League and put in a good performance against Liverpool, who dominated that confrontation in their spare time. Benfica weren’t at their best internally and ended up in third place, with no time to start the following season. Previous It may be unfortunate that you come across a shark [nas pré-eliminatórias da Champions] And it is always difficult.”

The Reds will compete in the preliminary round of the main European club competition for the third consecutive season, in principle agreement with German coach Roger Schmidt, who will have to “build a new team, stay with the best and try to recruit three, four or five international players to strengthen the team ».

“There are great Portuguese coaches, but at this point in Benfica it is good to change to a foreign player who brings another mindset, another style of play and another way of thinking. Indeed, the club has always been successful with foreign coaches”, concludes Alvaro Magalhães, who also helped the Spaniard Jose Antonio Camacho, win the Portuguese Cup (2003/2004), and Italian Giovanni Trapattoni, who is heading to 31 out of 37 trophies (2004) / 05).

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