Apple may raise prices with the arrival of iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 series will be the first iPhone in five years that doesn’t use a notch design. Well, that’s true for some models in the series, at least. According to a recent report, the price of the iPhone 14 will be higher than its predecessor, the iPhone 13.

The An apple It will officially unveil its upcoming flagship series iPhone 14 in a few months. However, given the obvious changes we can expect from the design of this device, it has attracted a lot of attention.

Series iPhone 14 It will be the first iPhone in five years to not use the notch design. Well, that’s true for some models in the series, at least. According to a recent report, the price of iPhone 14 will be greater than before, iPhone 13.

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iPhone 14 presumed prices

According to the rumors so far, here are the pricing for the series iPhone 14. The prices below are the starting prices for the base model of the smartphone

  • Apple iPhone 14 $799
  • iPhone 14 Max $899
  • iPhone 14 Pro $1099
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max $1,199

In contrast, here are the starting prices for the series iPhone 13.

  • Apple iPhone 13 mini $699
  • iPhone 13 $799
  • iPhone 13 Pro $999
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099

Series start price comparison iPhone 13 with the series iPhone 14, we can see a pattern. Series iPhone 14 It’s “only” $100 more expensive than its predecessor.

iPhone 14 with 4 variants

We already know that the iPhone 14 series will have four versions. include iPhone 14And iPhone 14 MaxAnd iPhone 14 ProAnd iPhone 14 Pro Max. There will be slight changes from one model to another. Pro models (iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max) will come with the best features that it has to offer An apple He has to display.

Apple may raise prices with the arrival of iPhone 14 2

In terms of hardware, the entire series could come with the latest A16 Bionic processor. However, there is speculation that the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will use the A15 Bionic while the Pro models will use the A16 Bionic chip. It probably won’t happen when the chain hits. This is because the iPhone SE 3 already uses the A15 Bionic chip. This would put a lot of pressure on chip stocks.

iPhone 14 series Pro models will also be upgraded to a 48MP main camera that supports multiple zoom functions. The iPhone 14 series will support IP68 waterproof, 3D structured light ID face, 5G networking, X-axis linear actuator, dual speakers, NFC, high refresh rate and other functions. There are many outstanding features in the job.

Apple started manufacturing iPhone 13 in India

Domestic production allows Apple to avoid paying heavy taxes. Thus, the company was able to save more than 20% on the price of its products. In March 2021, a An apple I started production iPhone 12 At Foxconn factory in Chennai. As a result, the company can cut the original price by INR 14,000 in September after launching iPhone 13. Also, it will be interesting to see if the iPhone 13 gets a price cut once it is released iPhone 14 It hits store shelves across the country. This is entirely possible since he will now be selling assembled phones locally.

Apple started manufacturing the latest iPhone 13 in India 2

The An apple You are currently manufacturing iPhone 11 it’s the iPhone 12 At the Foxconn plant. The iPhone SEOn the other hand, it is produced at the Wistron plant in Bengaluru. However, this time the company may be more attentive to send the latest models Iphone in India. A local buyer received soap in a box iPhone 12 last year. As per estimates, the company manufactures nearly 70% of the phones it offers in India within the country. Now, what is said is that a file An apple Getting ready to launch more models in India. In other words, it could plan to move a large part of its production from China to India to take advantage of the pli (government production-linked incentive).

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