The 4th Ogun Rally will be held on Saturday (7), in the Central District

Seeking the interaction of about 120 houses of Umbanda and Candomblé in the Alto Tietê region, spreading African religions and culture, and ending the prejudice that still surrounds these activities takes place on Saturday (7), from 10 am, 4 Ogum March (São Jorge), which promoted Its cultural and religious association Axé Mogi. The event marks the resumption of the march, with musical performances and prayers, which have been interrupted during the past two years (2020 and 2021) due to the pandemic.

“We invite everyone to participate in our event,” said the president of Axé Mogi, Marcio Roberto Araujo de Sousa, Father Roberto de Xango, the main organizer of the event.

(Disclosure – Axé Mogi)

The Ogum Walk will focus on Largo Bom Jesus, next to Mirella Bakery, in the center, starting at 10 a.m.

After that, the procession with representatives of terreiros and other participants will continue along Rua Ricardo Vilela, towards Rua Doutor Deodato Wertheimer, and from there it will reach Largo do Rosário, known as “Praça da Marisa”, where the many attractions that have already confirmed their presence will be presented in the event.

About 600 people from across the region are expected to attend the march, which will also include a litter box with an image of Ogun (São Jorge), as well as point hymns performed at Umbanda and Candomblé homes.

(Disclosure – Axé Mogi)

“It will be a showcase of our culture, as our religion is practiced in terreiros,” explains Father Roberto D’Xangô.

At the event, which should run until about 3pm, there will be presentations by guests, such as singer Fábio Lima, the group Filhos do Fogo (incorporated exclusively by Roma), and maracatu groups, among others.

During the festivities, former terreiros leaders, who have been in charge of their homes for 10-20 years, will also be honored. Among those people will be May Aparecida, Papalurixa Flavio de Lancea, Bai Ginildo de Oxusi, Papalorexas Luiz de Emmana, Marcos Omolomia, Luiz de Oxusi, Michel de Oxusi, Sebastião de Zango and Sergio de Ogán, as well as Ogor Ojom. De Zango.

For the first time, three members of the terreiros who have passed away will be honored: Father Wilbert, Mother Maria Augusta Yenibamiji and May Francesca de Zango.

(Disclosure – Axé Mogi)

“Through the interaction between the homes of Candomble and Umbanda, we want to show everyone that it is possible to exercise our right to worship, as well as to live in an egalitarian world, always marked by mutual respect,” says the organizer, which “for him” is necessary to end prejudices and demonstrate our rights to all. , recognizing the work of Axé Mogi”, says Father Roberto D’Xango, who reiterated the invitation to all to take part in the rally: “Together, we will make a difference. Come here! “- Confirms.

Ogun is a deity of African origin (orixá) worshiped in Afro-Brazilian religions, such as Umbanda and Candomblé. Ogun is the orixá warrior, known for his bravery and strength. In Yoruba, an ethno-linguistic group from West Africa, ogon means war.

According to African legends, which appear on the Internet, Ogun was the son of King Odudua, the founder of the city of Ifé. Although he lived the privileges of a prince, Ogun was a very restless character and loved to represent his father in the struggle to conquer new territories.

According to studies of religions of African origin, the Ogun protects farmers, soldiers, artisans, their children and all people who ask for their help in the struggle, justice or even better living conditions. Orisha of the Earth element, Ogun is full of energy, entrepreneur and his decisions are quick.

Also according to scholars, syncretism – a mixture of religions – allows the celebration of Ogun by Catholicism and religions of African origin, with fijawads, masses, tours and parties. It is São Jorge for Catholics and at syncretism and is the Ogun for Umbanda and Candomblecists.

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