Soap opera: 10 things that would make ‘Pantanale’ so much more than Mato Grosso do Sul

It is undeniable, the huge challenge of recreating the classics of national dramaturgy works very well! One of the biggest TV phenomena of the 90s, the remake of the TV series “Pantanal”, produced by Rede Globo, impressed the audience, critics and admirers of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s work.

A bold challenge, given that the time period was already skating in the audience, it was the act of the pandemic that forced the station to remake some of its most popular series. With the return of the unreleased series, the new production showed what it came for, pumping the audience and sharing on social networks.

The official logo of the soap opera “Pantanal” on Globo – (Image: Reproduction)

With a telenovela on the air, turning on the TV is like opening a window, where we can see our customs and traditions on the country’s main broadcaster. There are our viola circles, terry, our landscapes…but aren’t some little things missing so that a soap opera becomes more of Mato Grosso do Sul than it really is?

We’ve picked 10 humble and humorous suggestions for Rede Globo to analyze and use, find them!

1 – From the south!

Among the traditions that we do not leave aside the promotion that our country has a name and a “surname”, this is Mato Grosso do Sul! Even the text asserting that the story takes place in the south of Mato Grosso, the press itself and some people still make this mistake, confusing the states. Our dear author, Bruno Luberi, could include a scene of someone calling our MS “Mato Grosso” and have a complete person with “Very Delicious from the South”. The ancient Eugênio, the character of Almir Satir, could have been in charge of receiving tourists and visitors to our biome.

2 – Less “ARA” and more “EITA PÊGA”

The expression “Ara” appears in most of the texts of the Pantanal characters, yes it is part of the local vocabulary, but there is another expression that imprints much more our way of being “Leôncio”. Eita Pêga is a successful phrase, a short, touching phrase that can be used in different ways and interpretations. An expression of amazement or astonishment, which can be used a lot in the current TV series, and which has already immortalized “The Big Hand” since the original release.

Pantanal pawns 1.jpg
Tadeu, Levi, Guito and Alcides are the main pawns in the second stage of ‘Pantanal’ – (Photos: TV Globo)

3 – Paraguay, Bolivians and indigenous peoples

Our intermingling of generations is so great that it is a separate issue, as we also have many influences from our frontier brothers and local indigenous peoples. Therefore, personalities sharing this identity will only strengthen our culture, as borders and indigenous peoples hold much of the culture we experience. Apart from the dialect which is very impressive!

4 – Character from Kurumba

Wouldn’t it be cool if a character was born in Kurumba? With the accented accent, the lexicals and xis pulled, that fun and interesting way of speaking that only people from Kurumba have. It would be a success for sure, because charisma, joy, tone and one of the richest cultures in MS, we see a lot in Kurumba.

Aerial photo of Kurumba
Corumbá – MS (Photo: clone)

5- Speak the dialect…

… The Rede Globo has its own accent, it has Bahian of Globo and Bahian of Bahians, for example. Some actors put more ink on the lines and pull on the accent, imprinting “caipéres” for other Brazilian states. Our show has its own characteristics and identities, and it would be more vivid if some actors drank more from this source than others, the brazilana is huge and has many dialects to discover, one of which is ours.

6 – Is the seedling from Campo Grande?

Mysterious, suspicious, vengeful and few words, the character Muda in the series could be your neighbor in Campo Grande… Although it’s not a rule, many Campo Grande people pretend they don’t even say a quick good morning.. that’s in The gym, in traffic, at work … there is always someone who leaves the “excitement” in the void.

AH, Muda’s character, played today by Bella Campos, is from Paraná.

Friday and Kutum
Juma and Muda are being charged by the young audience of ‘Pantanal’ – (Photo: TV Globo)

7 – Delinha Pantanal Tiger!!!

line 1
Delinha (Photo: personal archive)

8 – chip

We know Filó is a total chef, so much so that the character’s dishes from the ’90s were so successful that actress Jussara Freire released a cookbook with her recipes. Today we live in Dera Pais, we still haven’t seen a plate of hot chiba come out of the oven, which makes Bionada happy. Hmmm, it made me want to just fantasize.

9 – Ridiculous and delicious rolls in Bonito, Aquidauana and Jardim …

If Gotha finds out that not far from her father’s farm there is a real natural paradise, not only will you feel the heat there. Our state is warm by nature, so there is nothing better than relaxing in the waters of Bonito, enchanting the beauty of Podocina, wandering the historic streets of Corumba, in short … much more than good service!

podokina tour 1
Nascentes da Serra / Profile

10- Zee Lunceau at the Expogrande

mc cattle king, with a reputation that has already crossed the line of good hope, mr. José Leôncio will have a lot to gain at the state’s most traditional agribusiness fair. Have you ever thought about it after winning a lot of money in auctions, giving an extension to the offers of Thiaguinho, Luan Santana, Alok and the like. It will be epic!!

Renato goes to Marcos Palmira Pantanal
Renato Goes is Zé Leôncio in the first stage and Marcos Palmira is the same character in the final – (Images: TV Globo)

And in your opinion, what else could happen in the series that would make it more than Pantanera does MS?

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