Screw Dragon celebrates 65 years

Anyone who needs a nail in Fortaleza, go straight to Dragon of the Screws. Customers are sure to find the item they are looking for among the more than 20,000 items in the catalog. This diversity of elements, one of the main pillars of the company is who will turn 65 on May 5, 2022. The story began with the dream of Alvaro Machado, 87, to sell auto parts. At that time, Alvaro was 22 years old and did not have the necessary capital, so he opened a point in Rua Meton de Alencar, in José Bonifácio, to sell electrical equipment. The stock was provided by Alvaro’s father, who already worked in the sector. Two years later, he went to Rua Senador Alencar, which was a well-known “quarteirão do papoco” company that specialized in auto parts stores. The vendors in the area even had the screws and clamps needed for the big parts, but they didn’t bother selling things very cheaply, they didn’t want to waste time selling their leftovers and asked the customer to go to Dragão to find the screw, the washer and so on. Here he goes. Since Alvaro did not have the money to create a stock of auto parts, he mastered himself in all kinds of bolts and fasteners. This is how the Dragão shop turned into Dragão dos Screws and became a specialist in all kinds of screws and fasteners. Alvaro worked from Sunday to Sunday, and to buy one Coke, he made the calculations: when he sold four times the price of Coca-Cola, he would get the soft drink.

Alvaro Machado, 87, started the story of the bolt dragon 65 years ago (Image: Disclosure)

Who tells the story today is Maria Isabel Machado, one of the daughters of Alvaro Machado, the company’s commercial director. But Isabelle joked: “He owns the ingo, I just do everything, I am a thousand and uses it. He also taught me early on.” The Isabel Trail started working at the age of 16. She says she spent 15 years at the counter learning what a steel hex screw is, distinguishing a flat washer from a nut. “The biggest school is the abacus. Then I spent another ten years with my dad, and only then did he start delegating me shopping,” she says.

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Alvaro goes to the main store in Rua Antonio Pompeo every day and follows all the movements of the business. “All management decisions are divided. The speed of his mind is still very sharp. There are many situations in which I spend the day mentally straining to solve, and I try to solve them with the team, but I can’t find a way. I just called him, and at the same time he asks: Have you tried this? It is astonishing how the solution comes. For these and other reasons, we do not advance any strategy without his approval,” says Isabel.

Besides their daughter Isabel, Alvaro’s youngest daughter, Maria Clara Machado, three granddaughters and a second wife, Elvira Pontes, works today in Dragao dos Parafosos. In a prominent business, the successors are only the women of the family. “What my father talks about most is work, he teaches us from an early age that nothing is free in the world, and that any work without professionalism ends. And it is very demanding with the performance of the family,” reveals Isabelle. The commercial director venerates her father: “He has a great sense of work, he is very assertive in all areas of marketing. He is a role model for all of us.”

Maria Isabel Machado, one of the daughters of Alvaro Machado, Commercial Director of Dragao dos Baravosos
Maria Isabel Machado, one of the daughters of Alvaro Machado, commercial director of Dragao dos Paravosos (Photo: Aurelio Alves)


The update and expansion of Dragon of the Screws is in steady progress. Today there are five stores and a distribution center with 168 employees. The company’s service area is restructured so that retail sales are not dispersed. “The drop from selling screws is what Dragão ads do, and I can’t leave a customer at the counter waiting for the company’s service to be completed,” Isabel says.
Balancing the two markets is an important strategy, so the investment in ready stock is high.

The day-to-day work of Alvaro, Maria Isabel and Elvira, Chief Financial Officer, in managing the five stores is facilitated by trust in the team. “The reason for the company’s existence is the employees and the customers,” Isabelle says. “We want our customers to be a seller for our service. He is very pleased with our service and the variety of items he is self-advertising.” For Alvaro, the secret is very simple: people. “You can have the best system, the best infrastructure, the technical ability, and you can have it all, but if you don’t have good people by your side, who you can count on, there is no way any business can thrive,” he knows.

Celebrating 65 years of history, what is important for Dragão dos Screws is to carry on for the next few years, maintaining customers’ trust: “If what you’re looking for, you don’t have in Dragão dos Screws, you won’t find it anywhere” .

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