Pet moms: How much do they spend on average per month on pets?

You must have already followed this controversy at some point on social media: Can pet moms also be considered mothers? No matter which side we take, pets are of great importance to many people.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, many people turned to pets for company while they were spending more time at home.

The result was a 30% increase in the number of pets in Brazilian homes during social isolation, according to a survey by the Companion Animals Committee.

“Owning a pet is something that takes a lot of dedication, love and money. It is very common to meet people who have either adopted or bought their pet without doing any kind of calculation, without raising costs and how much this is in their personal budget. What happens is that spending on Pets can be a perfect fit and have increased significantly in recent months,” says Samuel Torres, financial advisor at Onze, a private financial health and pension fintech company.

In order to understand what expenses a pet mother could incur on a monthly basis, fintech conducted a survey and found that, given a medium-sized cat or dog, Expenses can reach over R$450 per month on average.

This means that keeping a pet easily can consume a relevant part of a person’s or even a family’s budget.


For example, the price of dog food varies depending on the size of the package, which can be 1 kg, 3 kg and even 15 kg – from 25 R$ to 180 R$ on average. In the case of some premium products or specific foods, a 15kg package can go up to R$440.

On the other hand, snacks usually range from BRL 8.99 to BRL 52, with premium products priced at BRL 170.


Shampoos usually range from R$8.99 to R$60. And some premium products or products to meet specific needs, such as medicated shampoo or hair care shampoo, can go up to R$200.

Clothing, accessories and medical care

The simplest clothes are in the range of 30 BRL and the most sophisticated are up to 199 BRL.

Bones and balls range from $6 to BRL 20 and some more advanced games cost R$ 289.

Finally, prices for hiking trails and homes range from R$40 to R$800, with premium products costing R$2,175. A routine visit to the vet can range from R$120 to R$300.

Financial planning includes pets

“To make matters worse, some of these expenses have increased significantly. In the twelve months to March, prices for animal feed increased 22.06%, nearly double the IPCA for the period (11.30%) and food and beverage (11.62%). These numbers are still slightly affected by the effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine, which tends to put more pressure on feed prices, as the conflict has affected grain and fertilizer prices,” explains Samuel.

The other categories included under the IPCA, animal processing and animal health services, showed smaller increases (6.98% and 7.65%, respectively), but still significant increases.

For the financial advisor, if he takes into account the information that the average real income of Brazilians decreased by 8.7% in the first three months of 2022 compared to the same period the previous year, it is clear that planning, preferably, before getting a pet, or At least after that, the financial lives of pet moms and dads are paramount.

Adopting a pet is a decision that will affect your financial life for many years to come.

Samuel stresses that in the same way that an emergency financial reserve is indicated by the value of an individual’s monthly expenses, it is also important to keep an emergency reserve for pet bills.

To build this reserve, the ideal situation is to take into account 6 to 12 months’ worth of fixed expenses, plus an additional amount focused on potential emergency health expenses. Thus, in the example of an average expenditure of R$450, the consultant indicates a reserve of at least R$3500.

“It is worth noting that pets are also prone to chronic diseases, and as they get older, they have more medical needs and even different types of food. In more serious cases that need follow-up at the veterinary clinic, hospitalization can cost pets, On average, R$120 per day. It is important to take all this into consideration to ensure that the pet is calmly cared for and responsible (financial and emotional) throughout its life,” concludes Torres.

With information from NR-7.

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