“It was our first child, our joy,” laments the father of a dead child in the Sapiranga district

A street fight, with riots and shootings, alarmed residents of the Centenário, Sapiranga neighborhood, who had nothing to do with the conflict in the early hours of Sunday. For the couple, trapped by a possible home invasion, the horror turned to mourning. When the confusion stopped, the eight-day-old son died.

The child, who was feeding on the living room sofa, was not shot, but he may have succumbed to the stress of the intense noise. Seven men and three women were arrested and released. The case was recorded as manslaughter. “He was our first child, our joy,” industrialist Alain dos Santos, 26, laments.

A cliched argument would have started the fight. A group arrived at a bar in the center, about 1 am, and people came out of it to use the restroom. They disagreed with the drank group. The cause of the dispute has been confirmed. Civilian police have information about an alleged light collision with vehicles in the cafeteria. The ogre group left and was chased by Meriva full of people.

Tension in the family home

The distance was nearly three kilometers at high speed to the dead-end stretch of Rua Melissa. The cars stopped. The conflict began in front of the Santos family home. Amidst gunfire, screaming and barking dogs, a group ran into the bush. Another went to prey on a ghoul. The couple in particular, trapped with the baby at home, experienced moments of stress. But the whole neighborhood woke up. Many called the military brigade. It is not excluded that the people had fired shots to intimidate the gang.

Adriano will be one of the fugitives

Once they arrived, the police received a call for help from the couple with their son collapsing in his mother’s lap. While one team took the child to the hospital, others chased after the criminals. The brigadier was able to arrest seven men and three women, who were taken to the police station to testify.

Both cars were seized. Cell phones found in the cars will be used in the investigation to identify all those involved, as some would have been able to escape. Only one of them was identified as “Adriano”. Since no weapons and projectiles were found in the sweep of the area, there was no arrest in the Regional Duty Code of the Novo Hamburgo Police Station.

Initial report indicates an unspecified cause

According to Sabiranga’s delegate, Fernando Perez Branco, the investigation team began work on the case yesterday. “There is a suspicion that the quarrel caused the death of the child, but only forensic medicine can say.”

The initial report, which was released yesterday by the Institute of Medical-Legal (IML), pointed to an unspecified cause. I determined the presence of breast milk in the baby’s lungs. The officers will analyze the security camera footage and take several statements.

“When we saw our baby he wasn’t breathing”

Overcoming devastation and rebellion, industrialist Alan dos Santos, 26, waited for the release of his son’s body at IML, in Porto Alegre, early Sunday evening. “We had high hopes for him and now we lost him because of this battle they fought in front of our house. We hope the police will arrest these criminals.”

His wife Luana, 23, was still under treatment. The couple had a meeting with Arthur’s godparents in the first week of his life at home, a few hours before the tragedy.

Did Arthur have a health problem?

Alain dos Santos – She was very healthy. beauty. She was breastfeeding, smiling and sleeping well. Everything was fine with him. It was our joy.

What do you remember about the event?

right Now – My wife was breastfeeding Arthur. It was together, the three of us, in our house. Suddenly, shooting began in the street, very soon, with shouts and threats like “I’m going to kill you.” They broke the glass. It was chaos. Imagine being surprised like this at 1 in the morning. I thought they wanted to break in and went to the back to monitor the situation. I asked my wife to stay there, and that I was looking for help. She carried Arthur in her arms into the living room. Those people on the street were next to themselves. I was very afraid of the fishing vessel.

And the child?

right Now – She is very small, but she is afraid. My wife patted his back and placed him on the breast to calm down, not to cry. We had no idea what could come of these people. There were a lot of people.

When did they realize he wasn’t breathing?

right Now – The situation calmed down, I noticed that I was safer and went back to them. When we saw him, our baby wasn’t breathing. We ask for help, help. In the hospital they said he died. An innocent victim of these criminals. When they testify at the police station, with their attorney, they will say they have done nothing wrong. They are responsible for this tragedy and must be punished. I am not afraid to say this, because they took the life of my young son. At six o’clock on Saturday evening, we blessed him with the godparents. Prayer moment for the seventh day. After a few hours, it went like this.

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