Benfica fans thank FC Porto. And it’s all because of your cheeks

Benfica fans thank FC Porto. And it’s all because of your cheeks

In 2015, Marcia and Nuno opened Animalan, which was dedicated to the official marketing of the clubs. All against counterfeiting.

Lucas is the “rafeirinho” who came into Márcia’s life, when she began her relationship with Nuno. “That was eight or nine years ago,” he says, laughing, realizing that temporal uncertainty also means doubt about the beginning of the relationship. “When we first met, we immediately got along so well that it just poured in, without clearly declaring the beginning of the relationship,” PiT recalls.

What Marcia remembers well is 2015, the year Benfica became a two-time national champion. “We were looking for a scarf for Lucas to show his pride in being a Benfica dog and we didn’t find anything official, because there were only illegal fakes,” he explains.

Fighting crime in the textile industry has been one of the areas of business for Animalzan, the online store set up in the same year by Marcia, 31, and Nuno, 34, who specialize in licensed pet merchandise from major football clubs. FIFA.

People have paid, and are still paying, huge sums of money for products of dubious quality, tied to side companies without invoices, and without contributions to the state. I could not understand how, when there was demand, brands did not invest,” he adds.

With the evil of others, Marcia and Nonno can do just that. “We are betting on a very interesting niche market in 2015. There was no such boom in the official articles that exist now. There were only illegal items, and at that time we thought about betting on this business,” says the businesswoman, who knew Marketplace for its pet distribution business.

FC PORTO FC opened the doors at Animalzan

Despite the club’s preferences, Marcia and Nuno were rational. The people of Espinho came knocking on the door of Porto Club. “They had a very positive reaction to our interpretation. They realized this was the way, people requested many official pet articles and gave us the approval. That’s how we started to enter this market. Although I am a Benfica fan I have to thank FC Porto , who opened the doors for us,” he said, smiling.

With trade licenses from Dragons, it was easier to get Benfica, Sporting and Seleção. “We have developed a specific set of licensed items for each club. Now we have Sporting de Braga. Every year we try to change the articles,” says Marcia Alves, author of the designs, according to the guidelines sent by the clubs.

Sweets are made in-house, although Animalzan resorts to subcontracting at times when production is most needed. “We work only in Portugal and with Portuguese professionals. It is our pride. We only import products abroad when they are not here,” he asserts, adding that “textiles are very strong in Portugal.”

With a large portion of customers coming from abroad – “the Portuguese descendants market is very strong,” he realizes – Animalzan prefers to appreciate what is ours. “The immigration market highly values ​​what is being done in Portugal. In addition, it allows for a smaller ecological footprint, and this is important, not least because more and more consumers are concerned about environmental issues.”

Work is going well, thank you. “We place great emphasis on the boutique concept and tailoring, because our customers know we cater to all their needs. If you need to customize measurements, and adapt products to dog sizes, we do.”

Lately, Animalzan has been looking to step up the field. “We are starting to realize that we can operate outside of football,” the businesswoman told PiT. Therefore, the online brand already has a file Licensed Garfield Production Line“A cat in everyone’s imagination”, and snoopy, “In this case, a partnership with the Brazilian store ZoozPet, which produces high quality.”

animal passion

Lucas, the “rafeirinho” we talked about at the beginning of the text, is not the only rafeirinho to receive the love of the young couple. “We also have Pancho, Marota, Eusébio, and Simba,” he says, counting the dogs with a laugh. “Yes, there are many. We have five in total,” says Marcia, amused. “And that’s not only. We have a pig, 13 geese and a fish. All in the context of adoption, either on our initiative or because there are people who have left us.”

To the reporter’s astonishment, Marcia quickly replied. “We have a lot of space in Espinho, where we live, which allows us to have this little animal sanctuary, which has always been my dream,” he told PiT.

He concludes, “We live in an urban area, but the parish in which I live is a parallel reality, as if I am passing through a magical gate, where my neighbor’s cow is grazing in front of the gate.”

Scroll through the gallery and see some of the official pet products Animalzan sells.

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