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Paolo Gustavo’s cover of GQ Brasil (April 2017) (Photo: Bob Wolfensohn)

laughter master, Paulo Gustavo He left a void in the hearts of thousands of Brazilians with his sudden and early death, at the age of 42, due to health complications caused by COVID-19. This Wednesday (4), the date that completes one year since the death of the actor and comedian, the tribute has gripped his internet memory.

In an interview with the newspaper the worldalso published on Wednesday, told Paulo Gustavo’s sister Giuliana Amaral how life has changed in the last 365 days without the presence of her brother, with whom she has had a professional relationship since she was a producer for Paolo’s television and film projects.

Commenting on the postponement of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Brazil, he said: “Our faith is what makes us get out of bed every day. To say I am not a rebel would be hypocrisy. There is so much pain in me.”

Romeo and Gael, 3, sons of Paolo Gustavo and dermatologist Talise Britas, say they feel their father’s presence very much. Jo Amaral says she holds back her tears in front of her nephews.


Paulo Gustavo (Photo: Bob Wolfensohn)

Paulo Gustavo for GQ Brasil in April 2017 (Photo: Bob Wolfensohn)

Thales BritasHe, widower of Paulo Gustavo, shared a long and emotional text on social networks on Wednesday (4). Romeo and Gael’s father, Thales, stated that his “dreams and projects were suddenly interrupted” with the death of her husband.

“Suddenly, not for the first time (and maybe not for the last time), I realized that projects on Earth are not ours alone, and that perhaps there are bigger plans to be fulfilled — perhaps on another plane. I feel like a piece of me was snatched early.” “Especially because we are a victim of a virus for which vaccines have already been developed and are being implemented all over the world. But deprivation does not help the grieving process,” he noted.

Thales stated that the love of his children, his family, and his work is what still drives him. “The missing is massive, the love is eternal, the bond we had and every story we built is infinite! Our experience, here on Earth, is fleeting and unexpected, and with PG I’ve learned to live in the present, today as if there were no tomorrow, without being inconsequential,” he wrote . “Thank you, my love, for making me so happy and leaving me such a beautiful present (two) and a future.”

Very close to actress and comedian Paulo Gustavo Tata Wernick He also left his appreciation to his eternal friend on social media. “I wonder what it must be like. I dream about you almost every day,” he revealed.

Tata said that in his dreams Paulo Gustavo says he is fine and laughs. “You’ve even laughed a few times. You must be glad to see so many people who love you. You must be mad to see people who aren’t friends make each other. It must be pissed when someone posts a picture of you that you think didn’t go well” , books.

“You must make incredible comments. Your way of seeing life makes history. Your life made history. You are pure life. I love you,” he said.

Monica Martellithe actress and presenter, also impressed netizens with her tribute to Paulo Gustavo, who, in addition to being a film partner (the two worked together on films 1 and 2 of “My Life on Mars”), was her best friend.

(…) General without chatter at night. A year without laughing at feeling sick. A year without a genius life gave me the chance to live with. I missed you so much my love. hard to understand Life without you is not the same. But everything we live is closely guarded,” he said.

Samantha Schmutz, another friend of Paulo Gustavo, also paid tribute to the comedian. “Paulo…there are so many things I would like to say, that I just decided to thank you for the opportunity to walk beside you for so many years of my life…a thank you for worthy of being loved and loved written by you.”

Model and Actress Fiorella Matisse She decided to share her last photo with Paolo Gustavo, with whom she was also very close. “A year without you. Our last photo together and I can never imagine it. Missing you forever PG. Forever!!!”.

actress Fernanda Paes Lim He summoned the actor’s opinion about his honor. She said, “Paulo Gustavo always said a friend should post a brief, there’s something about stories, it’s a brief. It’s still inconceivable to think it’s been a year since you left today.”

Actress and comedian cocoa protasiumwho played opposite Paulo Gustavo for many years in “Vai Que Cola” (Multishow), also made a beautiful statement for the artist.

“You didn’t hesitate to say I love you, and you didn’t hesitate to help, I lived with you for a short time but felt like we’ve known each other for more than 109 years… PG in my eyes and in the world you left so early, there’s still a lot of life ahead of you, but God wanted you there early in Heaven to help him run this world here,” Kakao wrote.

She even called Paulo Gustavo a guardian angel and joked that she had no doubts that he would become a saint.

Ingrid Guimarães He made a strong statement on his social media and commented on how May Fourth has always been intertwined in his history with Paulo Gustavo.

“Twenty years ago, on that day, Cócegas premiered at the Cândido Mendes Theater in Rio, Gusti was so impressed, watching it so many times (even participating) that he noted that Minha Mãe é Uma Peça should have been shown for the first time. On that day, in the same theater, happily. And so it was. On May 4th, we always celebrated our “great successes. Isn’t that your choice to debut in the God Realm on the same day?”, the comedian wrote.

She also said that even a year after her colleague’s death, Heloisa Percy still calls her and the two comment, “I can’t believe it, right?!”. He concluded, “It still doesn’t work. Even because you miss so badly on a daily basis. Justinho, Gosterongo, Gusti is the nickname Lulu gave you 15 years ago. And that’s how it always will be…Gusti.”

Carolina Dickman He chose to publish one of his few photos with Paulo Gustavo to illustrate his eternal admiration for the comedian. Every time I remembered to say ‘let’s take a picture,’ he would instantly mumble ‘Oh no, go away, you’re so hot! “.

The actress also said that her friendship with Paulo was one of the “most vital things she’s ever lived” and that even with his gone, that wouldn’t change. “Let’s leave it like that? You, forever, live in me.”

Giovanna Eubank He wanted to retrieve some messages exchanged between himself and Paulo Gustavo and chose to publish them to talk about his friendship with the actor. “Sometimes I watch and review our messages, videos and silly things…and that gives me a warm heart…because even though you’re not here, you are and always will be…in good times or bad, you’ve always made me and will always make me happy! I love you PG♥️ Forever,” he wrote.

on twitter, Sabrina Sato He shared the same photo posted on Thales Britas Networks and wrote: “The love and presence of #PauloGustavo will be eternal!”.

A Year Without Paulo Gustavo: A Tribute (Image: Twitter/Reproduction)

A Year Without Paulo Gustavo: A Tribute (Image: Twitter/Reproduction)

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