The last public notice was posted in 2011. More information

The MTI MT . Competition It could be an opportunity to enter the IT profession. That’s why we have prepared content with all the details of the latest public tender notice Mato Grosso Information Technology Corporation in the State of Mato Grosso. We will also tell you about the number of vacancies. Good read!

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MTI MT Competition: Current Status

Last Public Tender Notice from Mato Grosso Information Technology Corporation in the State of Mato Grosso It was held in 2011. Immediate vacancies were shown, as well as booking history. The end result is approved.

MTI MT Competition: Positions and Vacancies

The Gran Cursos Online team contacted Mato Grosso Information Technology in Mato Grosso State in April 2022 to inquire about the number of vacancies at the authority. Data for the second quarter of 2022 indicates a total of 243 vacancies. Understand the vacancies in the table below:

positions Positions created occupied positions vacancies
IT Analyst 198 131 67
Developer Analyst 35 21 14
IT technician 40 hours and 36 hours 75 29 46
Operational Technical Agent 40 hours and 36 hours 40 14 26
Management and financial analyst 25 8 17
Administrative and financial technician 97 31 66
Operational Administrative Agent 40 hours and 36 hours 48 11 37

Latest MTI MT مسابقة competition

In 2011, Mato Grosso Information Technology Company in the state of Mato Grosso published a notice of public tender offering 100 vacancies in the field of higher education. At the time, the agency had a data processing center designation. This event is organized by the State University of Mato Grosso – UNEMAT. Below are the functions offered:

positions Requirements vacancies Compensation
IT Analyst Higher level in IT 100 vacancies + commercial registration 4529.57 BRL

What are the stages of the MTI MT competition?

  1. objective proof: exclusionary character and qualification;
  2. Title classification: character rating.

See below the topics assigned to the objective test:

MTI MT Competition: Topics number of questions
The Portuguese language 15th
Ethics and Philosophy 3
History and geography of Mato Grosso 5
Foreign Language / Technical English 7
IT Governance and Management 13
T Infrastructure 13
Software Engineering 14

See the accepted titles:

Addresses Score by title maximum degree
PHD degree 5 5
Master 3 3
Postgraduate specialization level at Lato Sensu, with a minimum workload of 360 hours two two

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MTI MT Competition: Nominations

According to Mato Grosso State’s Mato Grosso Information Technology Company, 107 candidates were nominated. The total number of entries in the competition was 2,763,000.

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MTI MT Competition: Study Planning

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MTI MT Competition Summary

MTI MT . Competition Mato Grosso Information Technology Corporation of the State of Mato Grosso – MT
the current situation I apologise
Regulatory Bank UNEMAT
positions IT Analyst
education upper level
Careers Information Technology
capacity Mato Grosso – MT
Number of vacancies 243 vacancies
Compensation R$4,000 (as per latest public notice)
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