The importance of inclusion in the automotive sector

A belief in inclusion and respect, iCarros, Itaú Unibanco auto market, is designed to practice core values ​​in the face of the diversity pillar. To continue with this purpose, the company has so far reached the mark of 49% of women occupying various positions in the technology, marketing, commercial, new business and product teams.

This ongoing process accompanies important developments in society, as women mothers, daughters, and grandmothers are placed in positions ranging from analysts to leadership positions in a historically male sector.

Being a Tech Woman

A survey conducted by Brascom, published in 2020, indicated that the ICT sector in Brazil employs 867,000 people, of whom 63.1% are men and 36 are males.9% are women.

Talking about technological development means going beyond technical skills. It is essential to see the people behind the technologies and highlight the movement in favor of equality.

“I’ve been on iCarros for 8 months and everyone’s acceptance and respect has been fantastic, without any gender stereotype or prejudice. I’m glad to know that I’m in a company that prioritizes people,” notes Barbara Santos, Systems Analyst at iCarros.

inspirational leadership

More than just a movement, equality is able to increase participation in more sustainable behavior by customers and employees. Building a more diverse professional landscape has the potential to deliver results beyond financial income.

For Tianny Herculano, the first woman to hold a management position at iCarros, it’s about building a reputation from the inside out.

“Here, we work so that people can express their individuality, free from labels and prejudices. I have been with iCarros for 14 years and I am happy to see how our values ​​of inclusion, care and respect are gaining more and more strength every day,” commented iCarros Marketing Director .

Accelerating this process was the appointment of a new director, which raised the position of leadership occupied by women to 50%. “I see diversity of ideas and an environment that prioritizes empathy fosters internal discussion, stimulates creativity, and spurs innovation. People are a cornerstone for us,” says Carolina Tosi, product manager at iCarros, a team made up of 80% women.

balancing dishes

The sales sector, according to the traditions of the social order, is a predominantly male environment, and even more so when we talk about sales in the automotive sector. To break down barriers, it is essential to make progress with regard to investments in the presence of females, including mothers, women over 50 and other groups in the labor market.

Not an easy task, but one that Melissa Vieira, sales promoter at iCarros, faces bravely every day. “Being a mother made me see life differently, I’ve matured a lot. Motherhood, at age 21, brought me responsibilities earlier. With my second pregnancy, I learned to be more patient, analyze situations before making any decisions, and share my time more,” she says. Melissa, who is currently studying a postgraduate course in New Products to broaden horizons and try new challenges.


At iCarros, equal pay for men and women is the rule: to define salaries, only position and region are considered, not gender at all. The recruitment team – 100% female – selects new employees based on previous experience, cultural fit and technical competence.

To learn about the various opportunities at iCarros, access the website and view all available job vacancies.

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