Nearly 70% of IT students at Metropole Digital get a job before graduation, according to UFRN – 05/04/2022 – Notícia

The Metropole Digital Institute (IMD/UFRN) last week celebrated the graduation of 40 Bachelor of Information Technology (BTI) students. This occasion, in addition to recording an important academic achievement, also allowed the institute to celebrate a professional achievement: 67.6% of its graduates were already employed upon completion of the course.

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Of the last 40 graduates of Bachelor of Information Technology, most of them were already employed before graduation

The data is the result of an online survey conducted by the Communications Department (ASCOM) at IMD, which aims to monitor student integration into the labor market and understand the next steps for these new IT professionals.

According to the survey – 34 IT students who graduated this semester answered – most of the graduates work for technology companies (64.7%) and only one participant said they work outside the region.

“Technology is an area with a high rate of employment today. This happened especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, when many companies needed to use information technology to survive in the context in which we live,” Professor Ivonildo Rêgo, Managing Director of IMD, commented without speaking at graduation.

The IT employment status is Wellington Costa’s bachelor’s status. After graduating from the IMD technical course, the graduate says that his entry into the market occurred gradually, through internships and technological projects of the institute.

“It was an ongoing learning process. I started as a technical support fellow and then had the opportunity to work in development. The IMD courses also provided me with that connection to programming and we included some topics in projects where the professors encouraged us to continue with our jobs,” says Costa.

Other data raised by the research relate to the export of labor to other countries in Brazil. Among the number of respondents who claimed to be employed, most maintain links with institutions in other states of the country (44.1%) and 23.5% of graduates work in Rio Grande do Norte.

Case in point, Bachelor of Information Technology Bruna Hellen de Castro, who works as a developer at Minas Gerais that specializes in health plan management systems.

“During the course, I did an internship in the region, and as I approached my graduation period, I began to experiment with work options. The institute helped a lot with technical knowledge and the interaction with colleagues was also very positive, which helped me in the direction of my career,” Castro commented.

The survey also showed that 20% of graduates stated that they had obtained IMD scholarships and 65.7% of new professionals were already studying, or intend to study in the near future, a new undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the field of information technology.

This is the case of Mateos de Andrade Silva, a former BTI student who is now on a postgraduate course in IT at the Federal Court of RN. “It is a way to specialize and get more experiences to actually enter the market. With the residency, we end up applying everything we learned upon graduation,” Silva comments.


Last Friday night (29), IMD celebrated the graduation of 40 BTI alumni. The ceremony, which took place in the UFRN Rectory Auditorium, brought together students, professors, family members and friends in a solemn moment marking the end of an academic course marked by challenges and accomplishments.

In her speech, Professor Isabel Dillmann, Paranimph of the “200 Ok” class, recalled the moments of difficulty and joy experienced by the graduates during graduation and stressed the importance of teamwork. “Don’t forget your colleagues. If you look around you will be proud of the person sitting next to you, now we are all fellows in the profession,” commented the teacher.

The professor also drew attention to the importance of more women entering the IT profession and emphasized the pride that graduates should feel in having studied at a public university that is accessible to all.

In addition to Isabel Dillman and Professor Ivonildo Rigo, Daniel Sabino, Director of Teaching at IMD, BTI Coordinator Rafaela Horacina, and Professor Ivanovic Silva, chapter sponsor, formed the committee.

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