Michael Dell highlights a project in Brazil as an example of technology at a global event

During the opening speech of Dell Technologies World – the company’s main global event, which takes place from May 2-5 in Las Vegas (USA) – Michael Dell, President and Founder of Dell Technologies, spoke about the importance of technology to accelerate progress in the economy and contribute In reducing social inequalities in the current global scenario affected by the epidemic. To the audience, made up of thousands of customers, partners and company employees from all over the world, the CEO highlighted a project implemented in Brazil: Dell Technologies Solar Community Hub.

The project, launched in Brazil in March 2022, by Dell Technologies in partnership with the Amazon Sustainable Foundation (FAS), uses technology to provide health, vocational training and education to approximately 1,500 people (both rivers and indigenous people) in the Boa Esperança community, in the Amazon region.

“At Dell Technologies, we combine our ecosystem, our advantages, our investments, and our innovation with great opportunities, and truly solve the problems that might come our way. This alignment is a powerful force in creating value across all our stakeholders, from our customers to our communities. Amazing what a difference we can make with just a few partners and taking some initiative.

During the event, Dell Technologies also announced that, in partnership with Computer Aid, Intel and Microsoft, it will launch another 25 Solar Community Centers around the world. As in the case of the Amazon, the hubs, based on access to technology, will provide education, health and vocational training for people living in remote areas, as well as services that ensure job creation and financial and environmental sustainability. For this purpose, the spaces, operated by the communities themselves, combine the use of Dell technology and innovative services, based on 5G, and edge computing, among other technologies.

The power in the partnership

Dell currently collaborates with nearly 60 strategic partners around the world, including Computer Aid, a non-profit Dell partner developing the Solar Community Hub. Computer Aid is responsible for helping identify local locations and partners who can help make the center a reality.

Since 2011, Dell and Computer Aid have partnered to support 24 Solar Learning Labs, which serve 18,000 students and community members each year in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa.

Dell also works in partnership with companies such as Intel and Microsoft – and other stakeholders – to provide additional resources and capabilities to communities based on local needs. Partners and customers can now join Dell Technologies and Computer Aid to support the deployment of Solar Community Hubs for years to come.

The future of IT from a Dell . perspective

In his opening speech, the CEO also highlighted his vision for the transformations in the post-Covid world. “The pandemic has put an exclamation point on the importance of digital technology for everyone. Our computers make us connected, productive, and operate from anywhere. Behind the amazing end-user experience, we are taking the next step with a multi-cloud ecosystem spanning Edge, where AI processes and moves data across 5G networks in highly automated environments.”

The CEO also emphasized that in an increasingly digital and connected environment, multi-media IT infrastructures will be essential, with workloads and data flowing seamlessly across all environments.

On an optimistic note, the CEO explained that the future will be full of possibilities, which will depend on the efficiency of data use, which in turn will require incrementally optimization by location. “Today, about 90% of customers already have on-premises and public cloud environments; and 75% are using three or more different clouds. At Dell, we have worked hard for decades to innovate technologies and build the ecosystem that enables true Multicloud, delivering Edge, which is the next frontier, As data becomes a competitive advantage once it is created, he stressed the existence of a continuous automated and intelligent cycle to collect, protect, analyze and improve data.

On the migration of data from data centers, Michael Dell warned of the potential for changing the cybersecurity landscape: “10% of the world’s data today is processed outside data centers. By 2025, 75% of company data will be processed outside the traditional central data center or the cloud. 5G mobile networks to handle the volume of data at the edge is a huge catalyst for this growth. As workloads track data, the distributed future will be greater than you can imagine. And so is the attack surface. Ransomware attacks are the number one threat for most organizations and occur every 11 seconds on average​ The cost of $13 million per strike.”



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