Google launches professional technical courses with certificates

The week we had it Labor Day Labor DayThe The Google Announcing the launch of three new technical vocational courses that do not require prior knowledge. Although not free, the company offers scholarships in partnership with CIEE (Company – School Integration Center) that allows low-income youth to access all content.

The news is indicated for those who want to know more about it Data analysis, project management And UX Design. Check all the details now.

Duration of professional technology courses

The The Google You will already submit the course IT Support Specialist For those who want to become professionals in the area and get better job opportunities and this week, three new options are available for Brazilians and students from all over the world:

  • data analysis;
  • project management;
  • UX Design.

The amount of work varies depending on the option chosen, but in order to be able to complete it as quickly as possible, the system suggests a study speed. a path data analysisFor example, it can be completed in 10 months if a person studies 5 hours a week.

Technology courses are available fully online (Photo: cloning/internet)

who chooses project management, you can complete the entire learning process in 7 months by devoting yourself daily for 5 hours per week. platform indicates that the path UX Design It would take 9 months to complete if the content was accessed for 6 hours per week.

All content is available in English, but there are Portuguese translations. All you need is a computer and get ready to study, you don’t need any knowledge of the chosen field. a path IT Support Available since 2019 for all Brazilians, entirely in Portuguese.

Google certifications are offered at the end of the course

Recognized by many companies as an indication of good knowledge, all people who complete technology courses will have access to a certificate recognized by The Googlewithout having to pay additional fees.

Many companies used to charge a fee for the issuance of the certificate, but since the student will pay for access to the contents of the course, certificates The Google On the platform, as well as the ability to save them locally for presentations in the labor market.

A girl who participated in a Google technology course
Certifications are recognized by companies in the technology sector (Photo: clone/internet)

To illustrate the importance of this training, 75% of American students note an improvement in their career after completing contents and obtaining certifications from The Google.

Another good example that can be cited is the Brazilian Costa Regianat Kontagim MG, who was previously a nurse and chose to participate in the IT support course. After graduating in 2021, she has landed a job in this field and is focusing on investing more in her education. The story is told in this special video as a campaign for the new career courses in technology:

When people learn to make the most of the web, it is amazing how individuals, businesses, and entire economies can grow. We want everyone to have the digital skills needed to take advantage of the technological revolution and participate in this growth, and contribute to the country’s economic recovery, which is critical at this time.

Susana Ayaraza, Director of Marketing at Google in Brazil

Learning on Coursera

According to the company itself, the values ​​monthly cost $14 (approx R$70.00 in a direct transfer), but students can choose a quarterly subscription at a 33% discount, for $28 (approximately R$140.00 in a direct transfer).

There is another semi-annual subscription option that offers a 50% discount and can be purchased for $42 (approximately R$210.00).

google and coursera . logo
A platform that allows students to learn without leaving home (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

In an initiative for those who want to learn but cannot pay, there is a possibility to get financial aid. The company has partnered with CIEE which has already distributed 30,000 scholarships to students from all over Brazil. To learn more about financial aid, simply click on “Financial assistance availableNext to the course registration button, as in the image below:

Coursera Online Platform
Any student can apply for financial aid (screen capture: Victor Pacheco/Shometek)

It is possible to access the contents of the professional technology courses once registration is complete, so do not waste time and get to the page with all the options now:

What do you think of the initiative? Are you thinking of registering? Tell us comments!

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