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The party institute was released on campus List of Speakers on Campus Day, an event focused on technical expertise. This event takes place in May, in Boa Vista, and the aim is to bring together entrepreneurs, influencers, technology enthusiasts and professionals from various companies.

Among the speakers are representatives of companies in the field of innovation, technology, electronics and even Mayor of the capital, Arthur Henrique (MDB). (See full list below).

Campus Day is held by the Instituto Campus Party, one of the largest technology fairs in the country, in partnership with the Brazilian Support Service for Small and Micro Enterprises (Sebrae).

The program will showcase content approaches such as communities, start-ups, agricultural projects, innovation ecosystem, creative economy, and others.

The opening is scheduled for 7 pm on May 13 and the program continues all day 14, starting at 9 am, at Sesc-Senac Headquarters, on Rua Araújo Filho, No. 947, Centro. Free admission.

Thiago da Silva is a Social Entrepreneur, graduated in Human Resource Management and specializes in People Management. He started his career as a trainee in a corporate (administrative) education company.

As an HR agent for technology companies, he collaborated on team building with a focus on introducing young talent into the job market. Passionate about education, since 2012 he has followed the backpacker path that started with the Conversando Sobre Carrera project.

Claudio Nascimento is a public policy specialist who serves as the Chair of the SDG Accelerator at IKONE – the World Social League and co-founder of Lab Grio, Consultant and Director of Corporate Expression and Special Projects at the National Association of Biotechnology Companies (Anboitec),

In addition, he is the former Director of Digital Transformation at the Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of Pernambuco (SECTI/PE), and a consultant to Porto Digital in Recife. As Director, he has worked on behalf of social and economic development focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in Olinda, Recife and the Amazon, advocacy for the United Nations 2030 Agenda, and creative leadership, in the public and non-profit sector, at THNK School of Creative Leadership.

Arthur Henrique is the current mayor of the municipality of Boa Vista, where he was elected with 116,792 votes, equal to 85.36% of the total votes. He has been at City Hall since 2013, holding the positions of Deputy Mayor, Minister of Education and Secretary of Technology.

Lucas Prado holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering with a focus in telecommunications from the National Telecommunication Institute. He held the position of Director of Research and Development at STB in Santa Rita do Sapucay (MG) and Engineering Director of Screen Service do Brasil, an Italian multinational, with an outstanding performance in the region referred to as a technology center in Brazil.

He is currently the Technical Coordinator of the Smart Cities project, IoT Pilots, in partnership with BNDES and works as Engineering Director at Teclar Equipamentos Eletrônicos.

Philip Rocha is a social entrepreneur and specialist in technology applied to public policy. He worked as a visiting scholar at Unicamp, at the Center for Public Policy Studies and a master’s student at the Universidade Mogi das Cruzes (UMC).

In addition, he has also held the position of technology secretary in a city and has led successful projects in the areas of public data integration, technology education, and innovation environments. He is currently leading projects and organizations in technology and innovation in the public and private sectors.

  • Samuel Philip Chagas de Sousa

Samuel Philip is an Administrator, Compliance and Risk Management Specialist, and MA in Community and Frontiers. He was once an entrepreneur and worked as a local innovation agent on the ALI project. He is currently a business advisor at Salto Acceleradora and innovation agent at Farma Ventures.

  • Vinicius Tocantins Marques

Vinicius Tokantins holds a degree in Systems Analysis and Development, and is a specialist in Network Security, Computer Forensics and Innovation Management from Steinbeis University in Germany. In addition, he holds a Master’s degree in Applied Computing and a PhD candidate in Intellectual Property and Innovation at the National Institute of Industrial Property Academy.

Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Roraima (IFRR), working in front of the creation and management of the Agency for Innovation. Dedicated to research in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, public policy, intellectual property and innovation.

Dorit Padilla is the Artistic Director of Cebra City in Roraima. She holds a degree in Pedagogy from the University of Cruz Alta (RS) and a graduate degree in Clinical and Institutional Psychology from the same institution. LLB from Boa Vista Cathedral College and MA in Regional Development of the Amazon Region from Federal University of Roraima (RR).

  • Luis Antonio Mendonca Alves da Costa

He holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Ceará, a Master’s in Organic Chemistry from the Federal University of Ceará and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the State University of Campinas.

He is currently Associate Professor 4 at the Federal University of Roraima (UFRR) and serves as the coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation at UFRR.

He has experience in the field of chemistry, with a focus on biotechnology, where he organized the second meeting of the Brazilian Association in the northern region to deal with the challenges of chemistry in the Amazon region for the development of science, technology and innovation.

Leonardo Seefeld is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Pigz, a delivery community focused on serving the retailer and the end consumer. He is passionate about technology and has been working with startups for over ten years.

  • Georgia Patricia Silva Virco

Georgia Verco holds a degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Management from the Federal University of Pernambuco, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy Graduate Program from the Federal University of Maranhão.

She is currently a professor at the Federal University of Roraima, a researcher in cultural heritage, tourism and various subjects within the scope of public and private administration and a teacher of the Educational Education (PET) program.

She is also a permanent member of the UFRR Master’s and Doctoral Program, Chair of the Management Course Department, and a Business Consultant, working on leadership, conflict, people development, and entrepreneurship.

He is a Tourism Technician with a degree in Tourism Technology from IFRR, MBA in Marketing from FGV and specializes in planning and managing sustainable tourism projects and destinations.

Hélio is also an entrepreneur, partner at Makunaima Soluções em Turismo, and co-founder of Startup Precificatur. He also worked in the official tourism agency of the municipality of Boa Vista, was the director of tourism projects in the city of Sebra, and works as a tour guide and consultant in this field.

Thiago Briglia is the founder of Platô Filmes and has been working on the Amazon Film Market since 2005. Producer of “Por onde anda Makunaíma?” , Best Film at the 53rd Brasilia Festival and Best Documentary at the 25th Brazilian Film Festival Inffinito (MIAMI-USA) has directed and produced several documentaries and short films, especially “Roraimeira – Amazonian Expression” and “Rabiola”.

Mastering Communication at UFRR, where he also graduated in Journalism, is a Tourism Technician at IFRR and Empreteco in Sebrae. He produced a series of tourist videos from Roraima that went viral on the Internet, and recently produced, through Aldir Blanc, in partnership with Makunaima Turismo, Picuá’s first film and literature gallery, in Serra do Tepequém.

Enoque Raposo holds a Certificate in Executive Secretariat from the Federal University of Roraima and a Postgraduate Degree in Entrepreneurship in Tourism Management from the Fulbright Program, Florida (USA). He currently works for the Environment and Tourism Secretariat of the Municipality of Normandia and is the Coordinator of the Clay Pot Festival and Tourist Visit Scheme project for the Raposa First Indigenous Community, Raposa Serra do Sol.

Bruno de Brito is the Director of the Department of Tourism of the Roraima State Government, holds a PhD in Geography from the Federal University of Ceará, and a Masters in Regional Development from Paraíba State University, specializing in higher education teaching from the University of Candido Mendes. Rio de Janeiro and tourism scientist at the Federal University of Paraíba.

He also performs as General Coordinator of Amazon Integrated Methods, Associate Professor at Roraima State University (UERR) and Professor of Productivity Research at the University of Estacio Center for the Amazon Region.

Rangel Miranda serves as Director of Innovation and Marketing at Sebrae Rondônia. He leads and coordinates initiatives focused on the growth and development of Rondônia’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

He is also an ambassador for ALE Ambev and community leader for the Tambaqui Valley, and was named Community Breaker of the Year 2020 and Community of the Year 2021 at the Startup Awards.

Edvan is an agronomist with a degree from Federal University of Pelotas, a master’s degree in tissue culture, a doctorate in fruit cultivation from Paulista University (FCAV/UNESP) and a postdoctoral in biotechnology from the University of Florida.

He is also a researcher and general president of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Foundation (Embrapa), professor of postgraduate course in agricultural engineering at UFRR and PPG-Bionorte and AdHoc reviewer in several scientific journals in Brazil and abroad.

Coordinator of the Research Network on Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Biotechnology of Native Amazon Fruits and Productivity Research Fellow at CNPq.

Macaulay Abreu is an agronomist, MSc in Tropical Agronomy and founder of Onisafra. Consultant in the agriculture and innovation sector for producers, organizations and government and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Associação do Polo Digital de Manaus.

He has also been involved in accelerating businesses at the World Economic Forum and AMAZ (Business Influencers) and Alumni Network Global Shapers Manaus.

Manuela Boca has a degree in Biomedicine, majoring in Clinical Analysis, and a Master’s, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral degree from USP in the field of Immunology. He is a permanent lecturer on the Professional Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation (Profnit), in the Professional Master’s Program in Health Sciences and in the Postgraduate Program in Tropical Medicine at the University of East Anglia.

He actively participated in the discovery of various human monoclonal antibodies with potential for biotechnology application and therapeutic use, including patent granted. Today he also deals with the company Zeta Venom certified in Inova Amazônia and Catalisa ICT.

Marcus Robson holds a degree in Agronomy and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Plant Production from the Graduate Program in Agronomy at Paraná Federal Technological University.

He is a professor at the Agricultural School of the Federal University of Roraima, an advisor professor at the Biterr Technology Innovation Grant Program and a promoter of innovation projects and start-ups focused on açaí cultivation.

Idea marathon, idea

During the event, there will also be a marathon of ideas called Ideathon, where a challenge will be proposed so that multidisciplinary people can think of a business model that solves the problem. Ideathon ideas are validated by invited mentors. At the end of Campus Day Boa Vista, the best idea created in the marathon will be awarded.

For this activity, it will be necessary to register through the event link. In total, there will be 60 vacancies.

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