“Wimbledon is my dream, I’m close to it”

Champion Francisco Cabral dreams of taking the top ten in doubles and Wimbledon.

Francisco Cabral reached 80th place in the ATP Pairs Ranking, after winning the Estoril Open with Nuno Burgess, but his dream runs through the top 10 players in the world and Wimbledon grass.

The young Porto-born and Nuno Borges, born in 1997, made history at Clube de Ténis do Estoril, by becoming the first national duo to win the ATP Tour, having won eight competition titles together in the past 12 months, which opens up raising exciting prospects. For the best Portuguese player today in the doubles formula.

“Because I’m climbing so fast, the dream is also starting to widen. I know I have a lot to learn, but I’m very close to playing my first Grand Slam. I’m 80 in the world, but I don’t want us to win the Estoril Open Grand Slam winners, top 20 players and I want Exploring myself, but the dream is to be a Top 10, a Top 5 Who knows? I believe in myself,” Cabral admitted, from his 1.90-meter tall height and a smile on his lips, to Lusa Agency.

Francisco Cabral, a left-handed player by nature, but he plays tennis with his right hand – in the opposite direction to Rafael Nadal, who is right-handed on the court, he is left-handed – is not afraid of the meteoric rise of “zero”, he asserts, because it guarantees: “I was and am still ready. No. It absolutely scares me.”

So much so that he already sees the possibility of making his debut at Grand Slam tournaments and then at Wimbledon favourite, “the house of Roger Federer,” his favorite player, although his reference is North American Jack Sock, who “was not a pairs player, when you play, you win” .

“Wimbledon is my dream tournament. I’m close, I see Wimbledon close, but I’m not going to impress, I have to keep working, keep level, good behavior, and be available. If I’m available and with a good attitude, I’ll win matches, and if I win matches, I’ll go into Wimbledon”, The tennis player from Porto, who hit his first ball at the age of four, influenced by his father, and between the age of nine, predicts. and 10, he gave up swimming to devote himself to tennis.

Despite claiming nine competition titles in his history, the last one he won was with Poland’s Szymon Walkow, in Prague, at the weekend of Estoril Open qualifiers, with Nuno Borges, a friend since he was 10/11 years old, who built a life A professional with consistent results that nurtures his ambitions.

“When we started, we didn’t think about playing doubles, because the goal was to experience our singles career. But since September last year, I chose doubles. I believed and I still believe a lot in my potential and our potential as a duo. He was waiting. [deste sucesso]but I was ready for it to happen, because I think we have potential”, justifies the former Porto athlete, who was, from 19 to 22 years old, at the Centro de Alto Rendimento (CAR), before training at the Escola de Maia Tennis with Nuno Borges and coach Joao May.

The partnership between the two began on and off about six years ago, when Maito had taken a month off from college and came to Portugal, where they played some “future,” but friendship and sympathy came from discovering under-tenth talents, in Espinho, as Borges mentioned during Estoril Open Championship.

With a wild card for the Oeiras Open 2, in April 2021 they won the first contender, and since then there have been seven more, before making his debut on the ATP circuit with the trophy.

“My theory is that if there is complicity outside of tennis, or friendship, or common interests, that ends up helping out on the court. We know each other’s routines, we respect each other, and on the inside, it ends up reversing,” Cabral says, acknowledging that “it’s difficult.” To find in other partners what he has with Nuno Borges.

Despite the good understanding and strong friendship, as well as the “effort of playing together”, since Borges is also invested in a solo career, Francisco Cabral ensures that he does not depend entirely on his friend.

“This year we didn’t play together every week, because at the beginning of the year the tournaments are more difficult, and there is also the pre-season which is more stressful. I looked for other partners, because I really want to bet on pairs and I will not be 100% dependent on Nuno, but he Ultimately he knows it’s my priority. But when he can’t, or doesn’t want to play, he’s also open to telling me,” the tennis player, who currently trains for Pedro Sousa and Gonçalo Falcão, steps in at CIF, and sometimes in the Central African Republic.

Francisco Cabral, unlike Borges, “abandoned” his dream of a singles career, which “cost him a lot”, because he feels that he has not “explored to the fullest” this possibility, but does not regret his choices and even after leaving Plan B, although they They were able, as the parents wished, to “finish school with a good average” (17) in order to have a second choice.

“At the stage where I am, I don’t have plan B and I am very comfortable with it, my parents are also 100% supportive of me. I was percentage focused on plan A, so I chose this plan and I will focus on it 200%”, he asserts insistently in his appearance , describing himself as “a smart doubles player, with good anticipation and good instinct”.

In addition to the duo’s “very good, positive attitude and always pushing forward”, Cabral is confident that in the “long-term, the desire to win matches,” as he hopes will happen at the Prague Open, where he aims to win another title, “you probably wouldn’t think.” In competitors anymore and only play the ATP tournaments.”

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