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Whatsapp may allow the application to be used on multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The supplier specified by the specialized site WABetaInfo Last Thursday (28) it was found in version of the beta for Android. In the report shared by the portal, a screenshot of the WhatsApp interface appears on a secondary device, supposed to be activated by “Register the device as a companion– which may be indicative of the tool’s functioning.

The long-awaited functionality has not yet reached the public beta for Google-equipped mobile phones, so it will likely take some time to release it to all testers. It is also worth noting that if implemented, the feature may be different in the official app. In the following lines, understand what is the multi-device feature of WhatsApp and how it should work.

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WhatsApp may get a job to connect more than one cell phone – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / TechTudo

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1. What is the feature and how will it work?

feature, called Register the device as a companionIt will allow you to use the same WhatsApp account on different mobile phones. According to the WABetainfo portal, the connection will be made by reading the QR code, as well as the WhatsApp Web activation procedure. Once connected, devices will be able to share messages from the same account and without the need to connect the main phone to the Internet. If the function is combined, it can be activated in “Settings” > Register the device as a companion.

It is not known whether the additional device has limitations and / or some kind of synchronization with the “official” cell phone. There is still no specific information about how many devices can be linked to the same WhatsApp account. Meta, the company behind the app, has not given further details on how the feature will work, nor has it even made an official announcement about the functionality.

The app will be able to connect to “companion” devices, but it is not yet known how many mobile phones can be connected to the same WhatsApp number. Image: Disclosure: SOPA Images/Getty Images

2. What is the difference to how it currently works?

In addition to the cell phone, the latest version of WhatsApp allows the messenger to also be used through the browser and computer program, via WhatsApp Web – which allows users to read messages even without an active internet connection on the cell phone.

On the other hand, other tablets and smartphones cannot reverse the app without having to delete the account on the main device. With the supposed change, users will be able to manage their WhatsApp account on different devices. Thus, it will be possible to access your conversations using an iPad, for example.

So far, it is only possible to use one WhatsApp account per device – Image: Disclosure: Pexels/Rahul Shah

3. What are the release expectations?

So far, WhatsApp has not officially shared any information about this feature. According to WABetainfo, the new functionality is still in development — and so far it hasn’t made it to the official beta version of Android, iPhone, or the web, which suggests that it may take some time to launch. For this reason, it is not possible to know when – and if – the feature will arrive in the stable version of the messaging app.

‘Last Seen’ for WhatsApp gets new privacy settings – Photo: Barbara Mannara/TechTudo

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