The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is a sign of the establishment of the central information technology cooperative

From 2015, when the first proposal was made to integrate cooperatives from Parana into a large IT project, until the historical date of December 8, 2021, when the General Assembly was held for the founding of UniTI – Cooperativa Central de Tecnologia approx. For information, there have been many face-to-face and online meetings with interested cooperatives. In the past two years and especially in 2021, during the Covid-19 epidemic, almost all meetings were held, always with the support of specialists from the Ocepar system, so that leaders could analyze the platform and suggestions about the rules, operational qualities and governance of a collaborative center.

PRC100 – Sescoop/PR supervisor, Leonardo Boesche, who headed the founding AGO as president Dedicated, explained that the idea was born during the meeting of the cooperative cores, which was held in Campo Morao in 2015, through an intervention by the Managing Director and Finance of Coamo, Antonio Sergio Gabriel, who highlighted the need to share the IT structure between cooperatives in the process of interoperability . The proposal that was incorporated at the time into the strategic planning of the PRC100. “Everything has developed to such an extent that it has led to the emergence of the central cooperative, which formed a historical landmark of the cooperatives in Paraná with the participation of 21 delegates from the partner cooperatives. For this, IT technicians from both the cooperatives and the Ocepar system participated in it. Boesche noted that UniTI is one From 20 projects of the Paraná Cooperativo Plan, PRC200, No. 10, IT Sharing

interoperability – Antonio Sergio Gabriel, who participated in the Constituent Assembly of UniTI, recalled his statement: “It is the realization of a dream that is part of the work of the Ocepar system to strengthen cooperation between the various branches of cooperatives in Paraná, and in this case, in a region that requires many continuous investments from cooperatives, given for the development of information technology. According to him, the cooperatives that make up the center will be able to share investments in both infrastructure and systems.

studies – The President of Sistema Ocepar, José Roberto Ricken, also confirmed, with the assistance of Chancellor Falcone, that the proposal requires two years of study and elaboration in order to reach its constitution, based on the criteria guiding the creation of an organization of this temperate nature. “Indeed, December 8 will go down in the history of the cooperation for the creation of UniTI, whose purpose is to share actions in the field of information technology. It is a very telling fact in Paraná cooperatives. Falcone’s project manager, Danilo Ronaldo, Rene Oliveira Filho, attended the gathering to set up the plant.

directors group – Aler Aparecido Zago, Cocamar’s Administrative and Financial Supervisor, has been elected President. The UniTI Board of Directors is formed as follows: Airton Galinari (Coamo); James Fernando de Moraes (Copacol); Nevers de Matos (Freesia); Haroldo Jose Polisel (integrated); Joao Carlos Obiche (Kocari); Irino da Costa Rodriguez (home); Gelson Holroger Fernandez (co-op) and Jeunes Everton Centenaro (C-Val).

Financial Board – Marcelo Luis Kosinski (Bum Jesus), Claudimir Pereira de Carvalho (Quagro) and Edmund Gumbel (Ajaria) were elected to the Supervisory Board, and for the alternates, Anderson Leo Sabaden (Primato), Paulo Pinto de Oliveira Filho (Coprocel) and Luciano Ferreira (Unicampo).

Unit – The Central Cooperative for Information Technology (UniTI) consisting of the cooperatives Coamo, Cocamar, Copacol, Frísia, Integrada, Castrolanda, Frimesa, Agrária, Cocari, Capal, Bom Jesus, Copagril, Coagru, Camisc, Cooperante, Coopertradição, Primato, Cooperósel, Lar and Sea Valley.

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