The Green Hub: innovation and technology focus on the cannabis market

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With the aim of accelerating the national and international market for cannabis, and partly also for narcotics, The Green Hub, through education and networking among innovative entrepreneurs, investors, corporate, academic and government sectors, seeks to reach several fronts with applications. The medical and industrial use of these materials, demystifying ideas and offering knowledge to everyone who needs these alternative treatments.

The company’s mission is to attract talented people and companies working in various areas of the cannabis ecosystem. In this way, the accelerator, which is also a sponsor of the Brazilian Medical Cannabis Congress, will bring some of its accelerating startups into the startup pitch, which will mark the future of the plant. The session will take place on May 6 at 6:30 pm and will be moderated by Carolina Clemente, Head of Innovation at The Green Hub.

Among the invited startups:

Instituto CEC is the first health technology in Brazil, which combines clinical care, research and education focused on the endocannabinoid system. He specializes in integrative medicine, with a focus on humanized therapies that combine treatments with cannabidiol and the pillars of longevity.

By training clinicians, the institute uses technology as a decision-making tool, aiming to increase emphasis in treatments and to combine scientific updates with clinical findings to break paradigms and create a new vision for the future.

Scirama is a biotechnology based R&D and innovation startup focused on the study of psychedelics. The business model, in line with the science and technology ecosystem, has a portfolio organized in partnership with academia and industry. In this way, they seek to make scientific research a reality that can bring quality of life to the part of society that is waiting for more efficient therapeutic approaches, particularly in the field of mental health.

Dahmá is a biotechnology that specializes in sourcing bioactive extracts of hemp for health and wellness products. The company emerged as a subsidiary of Rubian Extracts, which develops and produces bioactive-rich plant extracts, with a focus on delivering safe, effective, and transparent solutions to the B2B marketplace.

Based in Canada, The Blue Hemp is a health and wellness company that researches and develops delicious, healthy and hearty foods, and brings innovative CBD and THC products to consumers.

The Dogons is a Brazilian start-up that develops solutions and technologies for the global cannabis market with a focus on integrating them into everyday life, free from stigmas and through compounds that are already a part of people’s daily lives, as well as modification solutions. endocannabinoid system through innovative, cannabis-free, affordable products that comply with current legislation.

All products contain probiotics and prebiotics, which also contribute to the maintenance and maintenance of the human microbiome, a system that makes up a total of 57% of the total number of cells in the body.

Transforming the way people approach their own recovery and prevention process and deliver health and well-being to as many people as possible is a fundamental pillar of the company.

Cannapag is the number one payment solution in Brazil, focused exclusively on the cannabis sector, being one of the few that offers the best payment tools and terms to meet the needs of each company.

Offering services such as the PJ Cannapag digital account, which allows businesses to receive and send money in real time, in addition to paying bills, issuing vouchers, withdrawing with a personal card and opening a salary account for its employees, the startup also offers a payment gateway that influences increased sales and ensures the balance available for the next day without bureaucracy or membership fees.

CBeDifferent is a natural and vegan cosmetics company that strives to transform people’s daily lives with a holistic view of beauty. By investing in research and innovation in products and supplies, which salvage ancestral wisdom about the benefits of cannabis and plants from the Amazon, we are developing less aggressive solutions to health and the environment.

Currently, The Green Hub has 12 companies in its portfolio, three of which are project builders, i.e. groups developed within the accelerator itself, such as Instituto CEC and Scirama Psychedelic Science, and nine startups that have undergone the accelerator program.

For TGH CEO and Founder, Marcel Greco: “Our mission is to advance the cannabis ecosystem by fostering impactful entrepreneurship through responsible education.”

To learn more about the world of cannabis startups, be sure to tune in to the Brazilian Medical Cannabis Conference starting tomorrow, 3rd, at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about cannabis and its applications, as well as follow the future of cannabis startups.

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