The app attracts girls to the tech market in Florianópolis

A different realization can transform an entire generation, and that is confirmed when opportunities arise. For SC Educational Coordinator for the Democratization of Informatics (CPDI), Cleusa Kreusch, the low number of women in technology fields – about 70% of positions held by men – was an impetus to establish from the girls-only course application, through CPDI. With the support of Florianópolis City Hall, girls from 8 to 14 years old learn how to program and work with canvas.

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The purpose of this is to increase the number of women in the labor market in the technology sector and to encourage new generations to pursue this profession. According to the curator, studies show that gender inequality in the region begins to emerge even in childhood. Four times fewer girls want to take an engineering course than boys.

– We realized that only boys attended programming courses and that was blatant. So, when a public notice for this topic appeared, we registered the project and were honored. Although the project is done for both genders within the partner institutions, it was necessary to show that girls can and should have space in this area – says the coordinator.

For 14-year-old Andressa Tescher Šilski, a student in the most recent class of the course, which took place between March and April, she found in the Só Para Meninas app an opportunity to deepen her knowledge in computing, in addition to preparing for the job market.

Learning helps not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Helps with school, homework and other daily activities. Taking such a course is very good, as it reinforces the knowledge that should be the basics for a professional and also provides a basis for what and how it works – praises Andressa.

According to the coordinator, the fruits are picked, with the formation of new girls, they enter the labor market and, in some cases, return to the project, but not as students.

– Today, we have already managed to significantly increase the participation of girls and women in our courses. We have many successful cases, including young people who have taken our courses and are currently working in the area. She was a student of one of our programming teachers, and she stood out and was invited to teach – she said.

create opportunities

The main premise of CPDI is to spread technological knowledge to all, to create citizens. The priority is to work with relevant themes, which integrate the reality of each audience and use technology as a means to achieve.

– What really matters is what will be done with the acquired knowledge, we want children and young people who are interested in solving the problems of their reality, developing applications, games and websites with a purpose – confirms the coordinator.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as allies in development, one of the clauses being gender equality and ensuring full and effective participation of equal powers and leadership.

Preparing young women for the technology market allows women to compete on an equal footing for positions in this sector. Florianopolis is one of the largest technology centers in the state, always looking for qualified professionals. For the coordinator, it is an opportunity for professionals, who are preparing themselves within the local communities, to fill and stand out from the vacant positions, and to find meaningful solutions.

– and also to show the importance of women’s presence in building the digital economy, where in addition to representation, we have the challenge of breaking the historically created gender stereotype that tends to say that women are unable to work with technology – he says.

Everyone can participate

The Just For Girls app project is completely online and free. To register, it is only necessary to go to the project website and register. So, just wait for the phone number that is reported in the registry. CPDI does not provide a computer or access to the Internet, to participate, it is important that the student has access to both.

Some of the work carried out in the editions of the course:

Recipes from the world for Vittoria Praguem:

Sexual media, by Poliana Cardoso:

All of us!, by Odara Melanie S. Oliveira:

The more water the better, by Valentina Constanti:

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