Poster: Braga Culture in May

ComUM brings you a collection of cultural suggestions from the Minho region to end the first half of the year in beauty.

With a gradual return to normalcy, the shows have never looked so alive. Music, parties and workshops are some of the suggestions we offer you.

Courses at Casa do Professor – Braga

Culture is not only about seeing, it is about learning as well. Thus, the first cultural proposal of this month deals with the courses held at the Casa do Professor in Braga.

Various topics will be covered, starting on the second day with the Creative Writing Club, on the third day with the open courses in Computer Science, Aromatherapy and Drawing and on the fourth day with a free course in English. These courses, which start this month, will run until July. Courses are subject to registration, which must take place at

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The Girl and the Spider – Guimarães

The Vila Flor Cultural Center is a space for the Guimarães Film Club, in partnership with the SOS Racismo Association. The movie “The Girl and the Spider” will be broadcast on Thursday, May 5th at 9:15 pm.

The 2021 production has a duration of 99 minutes and is aimed at people over the age of 12. According to the event’s organizers, this is a “tragic film about emotional change and transformation.”

This definitely happened to spend a different Thursday evening. The director of the film will be present tonight. More information can be found at Cineclube de Guimarães.

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Burial of the cat – Braga

The most awaited event by students returns to Braga two years after the outbreak of the epidemic. From 7 to 13 May, a lot of entertainment is expected at the Altice Forum Braga.

This event is not only for students, but for all people who want to hear artists like Quim Barreiros or Diogo Piçarra. To enter, you must purchase a day ticket or a wristband that guarantees entry every day.

On the seventh of the opening of Professor Jam and Lone Johnny and Benji Price of the week, on the eighth, Kim das remistoras and Minho cultural groups will present, on Monday, the ninth, Chico da Tina, David and Miguel will take the stage The next day, on the tenth of May, it is the turn of Cassette Perata and Luis Severo . Kim Bareros can not miss the funeral accompanied by Calhambek on the eleventh day, Dijai Tellio and Soba the twelfth will present themselves, and at the end of the week, on the thirteenth, Diogo Besara and Plutonio will attend.

More information is available on the official website of Enterro da Gata and on social media as well.

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Valbera International Slope – Braga

Returning to Braga from May 6-8, Rampa da Valbera is one of the most exciting motorsport events both nationally and internationally. The famous Rampa da Valbera is celebrating its 41st edition this year and promises to bring thousands of sports fans to the city to experience up close all the feelings of the dynasty of the Queen of the Mountain.

The event brings together several riders, with the goal of determining the fastest rider with two timed climbs. The race course takes place along 5.2 kilometers of the track, around the slope of Valbera.

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May Festival – Flowers and Exchanges – Famalicão

May is the month of great traditions in Vila Nova de Famalicão, with two very popular festivals celebrated in the province: the Flower Festival and the Exchange Fair. There are three very busy days, which has one of the most emblematic fairs in Famalicão that is celebrated for its beauty, fragrance and splendor of flowers.

For some, May is a time to remember old customs, and for others, in the case of the younger ones, it is a month to experience the traditions that marked and still represent the county’s history for the first time.

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Braga Romana – Braga

Between 25 and 29 May, the city of Braga will dress up again to bring back the everyday life of Bracara Augusta, with another edition of Braga Romana.

It is a mobilization project for the Bracarense community and its goal is a complete strategy to restore and disseminate the history and heritage of this city with a lot of history. In a unique event, the city of Bracara Augusta, founded more than two thousand years ago by Emperor Cesar Augusto, was glorified.

Over the five days, you can watch an eclectic and inspiring cultural program that includes circus arts, a victory parade, dramatic performances, guided tours, and legendary characters. All this through an incredible journey through time.

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