millionaire light scam; community funds? 2 special

AndMonday was marked by news in the Publico newspaper “Delayed in the Tobacco Ordinance Decree Allowing Smoking in Enclosed Spaces”. In turn, Koryo da Manha highlights “the millionaire electricity bill scam. The duo scammed 121 victims across the country.”

“Only two people are among the 30 largest recipients of community funds”, on the other hand, is the headline of the Journal de Notícias, while Diário de Notícias focuses on the topic of the home loan – “300,000 families risk Euribor above 1% until November”, The newspaper wrote. In the world of economics, Jornal de Negócios refers to the national debt: “The state actually pays twice as much as it pays to issue debt.”

In the sports world, Record and O Jogo made headlines with Sporting’s 4-1 victory over Gil Vicente. The achievement, by the Portuguese duo of Nuno Borges and Francisco Cabral, for the Millennium Estoril Open pairs championship, is, in turn, the news that defines the current information in the newspaper A Pula. The newspaper wrote: “Historic. Nuno Borges, Francisco Cabral becomes the first Portuguese duo to win the Estoril Open.”

Check out the covers in the gallery above and the full titles in the list below:

morning mail:

– “The millionaire is defrauding the electricity bill.. doubling the deceptions of 121 victims across the country.”

– “Sporting Gil Vicente (4-1). Liao sings the rooster in the Champions League”

– “Tax pressure. The state collects 123 million taxes a day.”

– “Health. The emigration of doctors is increasing again”

– “Maddy’s disappearance. German suspect says he was with a girl”

– “The war in Ukraine. 100 civilians out of the inferno of Mariupol”

– ‘May 1st. Unions demand salary increases’

– “Oeras. Trado catches girls in the park to abuse them”

– “Santarim. A house fire causes the death of a couple”

– “Barreiro. Fabril agrees to return to CUF’s historical name”

– “One point is missing. The Dragon wants to celebrate the title in Luz”

– “Benfica. Directed by Rui Costa attacks Vieira”

– “CMTV triumphs over leadership in Cabo”


– “Delay in the Tobacco Law Ordinance Allowing Smoking in Enclosed Spaces”

– “On May 1st. Form a Salary Increase and High Inflation Show”

– “European agency. Regulators advise against capping energy prices”

– “Russian Federation. Edinstvo received 90 thousand euros from the Setubal Chamber”

– “Interview. Bill McKibbin challenges the financial sector to act on the climate crisis”

– “SOS Pharmacies. Expert discovers evidence of more than 90 tax fraud crimes”

– “Borges and Cabral. The first Portuguese duo at the Estoril Open”

– “Football – Sporting wins and Porto can be a champion in Luz”

– “30 Years of Records. Frei Bento Domingues: “Rebellion is the Condition of Our Lives””

– “Neorealism. Raquel Henrique da Silva felt he had been ‘expelled’ and quit the museum”


– “Only two people are among the top 30 recipients of community funds.”

– “Sporting 4-1 Gil Vicente. Liao shines for the title”

– “Burning Ribbons: The Return of Grace”.

– “Court – PSP is obliged to provide the identity of police officers to the union”

– “Service. Social Security extends video calls to the whole country”

– “Is enough.” Lei da cork “Already silenced 82 opponents of Ventura”

– “Interest. Home loans will soon rise to 300,000 families”

– “Tennis. The Portuguese duo make history by winning the Estoril Open”

– “Futsal. Barcelona takes the champions from Sporting”

News diary:

– “300,000 households at risk of Euribor above 1% as of November”

– “From Guests to Heroes. The Beautiful Story of Cabral and Borges at the Estoril Open”

– “May 1st. Central in a festive atmosphere but with a serious call for salary and pension increases”

– “Ukraine. Asked Guterres, civilians were pulled out of the ‘inferno’ of Azovstal.”

– “José Pedro Zequet – ‘Populism is also a show'”

– “Antonio Borges Coelho. The Marquis of Pombal did not lack a sense of publicity”

– “The victory postpones the title. Sporting secures the Champions League and prepares Benfica Porto for the next round.”

a job:

– ‘The country is already paying double for debt issuance’

Conversa Capital. Eduardo Oliveira and Sousse [Presidente da CAP] “It is not acceptable for the government to take advantage of accelerating inflation.”

– “IP is concerned about the impact of the war on planned business”

– “Private Investor. Protection Strategies for Portfolio Protection”

Crisis: The economy’s resilience may be temporary

– “Local Government. ‘Loopholes’ to Re-Constituency Lobbying to Change Law”

– “Work. Costa refers to salaries on the occasion of May 1st”

the ball:

– “Historic. Nuno Borges, Francisco Cabral become the first Portuguese duo to win the Estoril Open”

– “Sporting- Gil Vicente (4-1): Liao does not enter someone else’s party”

– “Benfica. Roger Schmidt wants to bring in Mario Gotze”

– “Porto. In Luz to win”

– “Futsal. Barcelona steals the sports trophy, Benfica closes the podium”


– “Leões until the end. Team Alvalade secures second place and postpones the Porto title”

– “Porto. Goal: Celebrate again in Luz”

– “The heart frightens Jorge Costa. A former captain underwent surgery and recovered in hospital.”

– “Benfica. Ortega designed for Schmidt”

– “The futsal champions. Barcelona did not give a chance”

– “Estoril Open. Francesco Cabral and Nuno Borges win in pairs”

the game:

– “The Lionheart of Champions. Victory, second place guaranteed and title postponed, after trying Gilsta’s reaction and a lot of VAR.”

– “FC Porto. Taremi running after Hulk”

– “Benfica. Dragons are missing from Darwin’s list”

– “Tennis. Cabral and Borges make history”

– “Braga. Ricardo Horta has the key to the room”

– “V. Guimarães-Santa Clara (1-1). Vitoria lets the feature slip”

– “Moreirense-Boavista (2-1): Panther safe, canons are implants”

– “Futsals. Sporting fails in the “Triple” in the Champions”

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