Jilin mentioned the passion of carrying the Sovereign’s mother on the shoulder

Horacio Ferreira was 19 years old when he first took the Nossa Senhora da Piedade litter. In 1976, he wasn’t expecting to carry the Sovereign Mother until 2016, but the truth is that he felt that this was his mission and that he could still make it happen.

It’s been 40 years he’s now talking about with great pride and affection – mainly because he’s part of the family that’s been carrying trash for years, and this is the sixth generation.

“This was started by my cousin who was a corporal. I think our family has the most years in the genetic sequence of taking litter, but that was never a matter of commitment. It can be passed on from fathers to sons, or not, but it’s nice that It passes from fathers to sons, because taking the mother’s litter of the sovereign involves a lot of feeling, and if that feeling isn’t laid as the basis for the second rule part of taking andor, it doesn’t work,” he began by telling Horacio Ferreira. south info, During a conversation three days before the Festa Grande, which took place on Sunday, May 1.

“The first part is our love for the Sovereign’s mother. I think no man would take the Sovereign’s mother’s droppings if he did not have his mother’s love,” he continues.

As a native of Lolli, Horacio Ferreira has always lived this party, and at the age of 10, he would accompany the men on the litter. At the time, he wanted to occupy this place one day and also be able to carry the feelings and emotions of the people and the party which brings a lot of “adopted children to lolly”.

«Nossa Senhora da Piedade has always been taken out of affection and love for the Sovereign Mother, and for me it has always been an honorable and honorable point. I am in the service of the Sovereign Mother, and when I ascend I carry the Mother on my back.”

Being a litter man is a difficult task, carrying litter is not for everyone, but Horacio believes that in the most difficult moments, it is the Sovereign Mother who gives them the strength to go on, climb the slope and reach the sanctuary. .

“I have no doubt that there is supreme help. All men who take the excrement of the Sovereign Mother have their religious share. And from a certain point of the ascent, I say, there is no power, save that of the Sovereign Mother, who says: I will get there and you will all reach there » , Confirms.

However, this is not an idea shared by Horacio alone. Thiago Ferreira, also a garbage man, could not agree more with his father.

I definitely think there is a superpower, more so than the power of the people. But I am sure that faith is what makes us move.” For Thiago, who had accompanied his father during Sovereign Mother’s feasts since he was seven, picking up the litter was always a wish, which only came true at the age of nineteen.

“My father has also taken out the trash since he was 19 and I have always accompanied him. When my turn came, I was the same age as him. I am now twenty years old as Homem do Andor, and it is in fact eighteen that conveys the Sovereign Mother because there were only eighteen parties,” said Thiago. south information.

Thiago and Horacio Ferreira prepare to load the trash – Photo: Mariana Carriço | south information

At the time of the interview, two days before the Festa Grande, it was already possible to notice the nerves, the passion and pride, once again preparing for the flight that takes thousands of people to Loulé.

“The party has a lot to say. There is a procession through the city streets, and then there is an ascent – and in this ascent we must have some respect, but I am not afraid, because I usually say that those who are with the Sovereign Mother are not. Afraid. It is respect for the mission we carry out » , as Thiago reveals.

This is also the idea that Horacio Ferreira, now in charge of carrying the torch, moves to the men before his last departure from Largo de São Francisco, where the litter leaves at about 6:00 pm, towards the Nossa Senhora da Piedade reserve, on the top of the hill, to which you will arrive After about an hour.

“Now I press for others who take mother over them, always believing that mother is in my life. Nossa Senhora da Piedade does a miracle with me every day: in my work, in my social and family life, I speak every day to the Sovereign Mother and she is in my life,” says Horacio, out loud.

Garbage Men – Photo: Mariana Carriço | south information

The journey from Largo de São Francisco to the sanctuary, which takes place two weeks after Easter, is long and arduous, but the men of Andor always count on the support of the people who help them in the task of carrying the patron saint. Loli, shout “Long live!” of agitation.

“The beginning of the Largo de São Francisco church is inexplicable. When guys go out, they know it’s a tough job, but they’re guys who get ahead of themselves. What I usually say to men on the litter before leaving is: “Eight men, eight brothers, leave to yourselves, from now on no one will touch the litter and there is no doubt that the sovereign mother will help ‘you,’” says Horacio, who stresses that the presence of people Next to the garbage always gives “a lot of strength”.

Photo: Mariana Carrico | south information

Today, at the age of 65, and two years after the throne was interrupted (“When a man does not go out in the litter with our lady in the street, he does not enjoy her”) due to an epidemic, Horacio returns to the party with the same sentiments, but confesses to us, days before, that he was not of It could be done on a more wonderful day.

«This time, the party brings families together in [1 de Maio] Which also falls on Saint Joseph’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Since 2016, and although he no longer carries trash on his shoulder, Horacio has always accompanied the men and walked alongside them.

“Every year I say it’s the last, but when the party time approaches, I think I change. The pain in my back is gone, the pain in my feet is gone, my life is gone. I think it’s all over and I’m renewed.”

After going through several stages of the party, Horacio admits that he fears the mystery will be lost, but is reassured to know that his blood “keeps flowing under the garbage.”

“It is important for me to see that Thiago has the same feelings as I do. All this teaching was given to him, and he was with him. I have a son who started by my side and that is why he carries with him all the values.”

Tiago and Horacio Ferreira are already on campus – Photo: Mariana Cariso | south information

to me south informationHoracio explains that in order to be a man of Andorra, it is necessary to want a lot. “He who wants to be a man from the trash, walks around the mother. What I have to do is fight to be the choice of Andor’s men. The fact of walking in a circle indicates humility in desire and this is important for the men of Andor who then choose.”

Then it is up to each person to know when to stop. “I could have taken years more. But I thought that would be the point, and from there, I quit. Nobody tells the man he can no longer carry the trash. Each one will have to take responsibility for giving the place to the other. You also need to know how to say no And the man on the dumpster has to be so humble,” he says.

For Thiago Ferreira, who had carried the Sovereign Mother for twenty years, it seemed difficult to carry out this task throughout his father’s tenure.

“I’m not saying it’s impossible, because I don’t know what to expect, but 40 is the age. I haven’t gotten there yet and that’s hard. I think my dad, psychologically, is still ready to take out the trash, but physically, we also have to respect our bodies and that Be honest with other men.”

When asked about the necessary preparations, Thiago admitted that they go for walks before the big day, so that they are physically ready, but that’s it.

According to Horacio, “There must be a physical condition adapted to the effort. In the past, it was easier because the men who carried the garbage were men who worked in agriculture, construction and railways. There was a direct relationship with the work that is perhaps more difficult for the office employee.”

“One of the things my grandfather taught me was to always raise the pitchfork Cheers For the Sovereign Mother and men of litter, but never raise our eyes too much, for with the strength of fatigue we may acquire a certain fear. That is why, when they leave Largo de São Francisco, I always say: “Never fear, always respect” ».

With this in mind, these eight men, last Sunday, the 1st of May, walked the downhill again, and brought Mother Sovereign home. During the trip, upon arrival, thousands of people of all ages accompanied them, feeling the same feelings with them.

Pictures: Mariana Carico | south information

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