Interview with Louise Guimarães: “You can expect Villa Isabel to have the biggest carnival ever”

At the end of May or the beginning of June, the young Luis Guimaraes took over the presidency of Villa Isabel. like the site Carnevalescu She mentioned that he will take over after Fernando Fernandez leaves. Participating in the “Intervistão”, the son of Captain Guimarães, former president of Liesa and Vila, revealed his projects, talking about his relationship with his father, the employment of carnival artist Paulo Barros, and the presence of new generations at the helm. Of the associations in the Carnival of Carioca.

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How big is the challenge to take over the presidency of Villa Isabel?

“It’s the biggest thing in my life. I’ve been waiting for these last few years. I can’t prepare as well as I am now. I learned a lot, but I still have a lot to learn at the carnival. Understanding the gear and how the carnival works day in and day out is very complex and requires time. He has matured over the years with mistakes and successes. It is a huge responsibility that I take, not only because of the name, but because of the expectations that have been created for me, I believe that I am the youngest head to run a school in the private group. I have a great desire to be able to show what I am Able to bring the village back to its rightful place and every year to fight in the heads. We’ll always turn this in. The slide will go down over time. I’ll take the job at the end of May and beginning of June. There’s the transition, I’m happy and full.”

How did you discover this love for Villa Isabel?

“When I was little I used to do a parade in Ferradoro, I even wore a flamingo shirt (laughs), but since I knew myself, I stayed in Lisa’s box in Sambódromo, I always liked the carnival and started to admire Villa Isabel. My first memory was the title in 2006, the year Cidade do Samba opened, and since then I’ve fallen in love. We had great carnivals from 2006 to 2013. I was enjoying it, and I understood what my dad meant for school and carnival and got totally involved in school.”

Photo: Alan Davis/

How is your relationship with your father and what has he said now that you will take over the presidency of Villa?

“It costs me daily. My responsibility grows more. He always talks to me, says he goes to the shed three times a week, he’s very excited, and he wants a big carnival in 2023. He says he’s 80, and he wants to do what he loves and enjoys.” Seeing him like this, I feel an even greater desire to cooperate and do things for Villa Isabel.”

What was the moment when your father took the microphone and gave the speech before the 2022 Villa Isabel parade?

“He called me, showed me the letter, and I said it was very good. Both Sapucaí were supposed to play and I did. She was very important. It symbolizes his love for Villa Isabel and the gratitude he has for Martino. He is someone who is admired by everyone so much, he takes Villa is everywhere and Villa Isabel should forever praise him.”

They say my father always taught carnival. How does it work indoors?

“Think about all. Think about the questions, the referee’s guide, the referee method, what could be improved. I got to his house and he was already reading the jury map. He has a different emotion and look than La Liga. He thought of every detail. He always wants to show at a high level. He is someone who thirsts for conquest of the samba world. He always wants to see the carnival grow. It never settles down. You can see things I can’t. You are always one step ahead of one school or the other. In short, he wants the best for the carnival.”

What is your analysis of the arrival of the new generation, the heirs, to leadership positions in the samba schools?

“We talk a lot. Marcelinho Calil is 10 years older. I have a big crush. I said I’d spend a week with him in the shed learning a little. He’s been very successful recently at the carnival and I took my hat off to him. In addition to the older brother, he is my personal friend. João Drumond is someone who enjoys Great leadership in Imperatriz, strong speeches, very good talking. He’s doing a great job there, it didn’t happen this year, but it’s a matter of details. The new generation is very good and I see a union between us. B (Bernardo Coutinho) in Grande Rio is a wonderful boy. I told him to go to School is over. There are a lot of people playing, but his time will come. The love of carnival we take from generation to generation. So we’re going to continue.”

How do you rate Gabriel David’s work at Liesa?

We talk a lot. We want to do a lot. It’s normal to brake sometimes, because we have such a great drive to change. I admire him a lot and I admire his work. I applaud for him, because every day he slaps him in the face for our cause This is commendable.”

Villa Isabel ranked fourth in 2022. What is your analysis of the offer?

“Again we had a great show. We came up with a great scheme and we had a great carnival. I imagined being in the top three. Not grabbing the advantage of the Grand Rio because it deserves so much. I’m not upset, I am very happy. The community and everyone saw that we had a carnival to compete.” Our role is done Champion or not is the details It is very technical This year the level has been high The comments people give me about the work presented in Villa is the most important thing I am sure Villa Isabel time will come Long term work takes time , and we put the school in place after a cloudy period. Strangers have no idea what we’ve been through in recent years with pledges and a lot of debts. Previous administrations usurped the school. The school is now out of process. We have to play, run people, do social projects, run Problems, it is not easy to manage a samba school.”

How was Paulo Barros signed for 2023?

“My dad and I are fans of Paulo’s work. We really believe in his work. He revolutionized the modern carnival. He’s a genius. I can ask readers of the site and ask them to talk about the 20 pavilions and 20 tokens they’ve featured in recent years. Paulo’s work will always be cited. Makes Carnivals that distinguish and influence.Over the years he has made great carnivals.Not only creative,but traditional.He had a great show at Vila Isabel in 2009, and he won at Portela, another great show in Viradouro in 2019. And Paulo has always been a victor. Obviously carnival projects haven’t happened in years.We have great energy and are compatible with Paolo.Let’s get creative.Let’s not miss the traditions of Villa Isabel.The idea is to make this union with what has always been in a villa.Having a good carnival requires that you have a lot of The energy inside the shed. Daily life is essential to the success of the school.”

What can fans expect from next year’s story?

“The plot is composed. We talk a lot. There are some aspects, the lines are very cool, with a lot of creativity and village tradition. I say, my father and Paolo also that you can expect Villa Isabel to have the greatest carnival of all time. We will not measure efforts and there will be no lack of commitment. “.

What are the projects to improve the relationship with the community?

We will save the community that has been slaughtered so hard. We are already working on it. We will do the exercises in the stadium up the hill. We will have the recruitment of new components. Without leaving aside the asphalt, but we will pay more attention to our people. Let’s get the community back to school. Let’s go to rehearsal on Wednesday ” .

What else can happen in Villa Isabel under your management?

“I also want to take Villa Isabel to exercise in other parts of Rio, as Beija-Flor does in Copacabana. Some different ideas we’ll be releasing throughout the year. Back with our social projects. Create a decent Vila Isabel online store. Back with business experiences.” There is a lot to do.”

Sabrina Sato is still in school?

“Sure. I’ve already spoken to her and she’s so happy. Sabrina is top notch. Attractive, she’s Villa Isabel. Always thinking of adding, collectively.”

What do Tinga and Macaco Branco represent for a villa?

“They are the core of Vila Isabel, our community. They are the house of silver. They all come from the heirs of the village. Marcinho (Main room) too. I see many people with promising future inside the village. We must value our children’s school very much. From there the samba is renovated, recycled and the place in which the talents of the future appear.

What message do you leave for the community of Villa Isabel?

“Communication is very important. Without this vote of confidence and union, we will come to nothing. I am requesting this vote of confidence for everyone. Believe in our project. They can make suggestions for improvement, nobody has the reason. I believe Villa Isabel is on its way to becoming a successful school again. I I’m sure we still have many wins in this decade. The win is the result of a solid foundation, well done, we have to sow the seed now to reap it later.”

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