Find out what the Edit button would look like on Twitter

The Edit Posts button on Twitter may be close to becoming a reality for users. Yesterday afternoon (2), tech blogger Jin Wong, known for highlighting the app’s new features ahead of its release, posted a video on her social media account showing how the functionality – which is already in testing – works.

From the pictures, the process is very simple. When you access the widget menu located in the upper right corner of the post, the option to “Edit Tweet” appears among the alternatives. From what can be seen in the test, the company is considering launching the possibility of editing for text and media (photos, videos, GIFs, etc.).

Unlike other social networks, the Twitter content editing function will have a time window for the user to change the post. It is estimated that this change capability will be available for 30 minutes after the original Tweet is posted.

Transparency of tweets

Although it is a feature that many social network users have been waiting for, transparency regarding when the tweet was posted is an important factor. To see if the post has changed or not, a small button with the term “editor” will appear next to the time and date to report when the change has occurred.

By clicking on it, the user will be directed to a page with the tweet modification history. All previous versions of this post will be displayed.

Tweet ID

Most importantly, Twitter strives to make every tweet immutable. That is, each post will have its own ID, which will be a kind of identity token, and none of them will be deleted from the platform.

According to Wong, the new version of the following example will likely work:

  • Donald Trump originally published the word “covefe” (a grammatical error posted by the then President of the United States in 2017). Tweets about the post receive ID #1, Internet users see ID #1;
  • So Trump created a new version of the same post by writing “Coffee”. The new edit (technically a new tweet) is given ID code #2, while the original (#1) becomes the first version of the tweet;
  • From there, the post indicates “There is a new version of this Tweet” to inform the changelog.

The functionality is still being tested. This means that it may be different from the scheme presented by Wong in the future.

There is still no release date for the tool for users of the social network.

Twitter Purchase by Elon Musk

The billionaire founder of Tesla (electric cars) and SpaceX (space) has made news in recent weeks with the purchase of 100% of Twitter in an operation that could bring in about $44 billion. For the first time, a network of more than 200 million users will have one owner.

Named the richest man in the world in April, Musk brings in his path a visionary, innovative and controversial profile at the same time – he has already downplayed Covid-19 and was fired from Tesla.

The deal to acquire Twitter still needs approval from US regulators, but market experts are already trying to understand what a possible confirmation of the deal will represent in terms of the effects on the economy, culture and politics.

While they believe that the Musk administration can be promising, given its success in other areas, there is concern about a plan to ease moderation policies (for fear of an increase in hate speech and fake news) and the perspective of a new direction for the social network, to be able to be a more niche platform with fewer ads.

*With information from The Verge.

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