“Araraquara Against Abuse” raises awareness of the animal issue

Vice Damiano Neto during the event in Ser

Last Friday night (29), the main hall of the Araraquara and Region Events Center (CEAR) hosted the “Araraquara contre os maltreatments” meeting, an event held through a partnership between the City of Araraquara, the City Council and the animal protection association Abrasa Vidas. The meeting schedule included a lecture by State Vice President Bruno Lima, with the presentation of the Animal Handbook, as well as an exhibition and tribute. The event was streamed live on City Hall’s Facebook page, where video is available for viewing.

The purpose of the meeting was to celebrate the conclusion of April Laranga, the month for the prevention of animal abuse, and to promote awareness of public policies and laws that have made great progress in recent years and are still unknown to the population.

Vice Mayor Damiano Neto, who represented Mayor Edino at the ceremony, highlighted the measures that have been implemented on this topic in the municipality. Araraquara is a distinct city regarding this subject. We have an organized and efficient historical coordination, as well as many very involved associations and entities. This event is very important to reinforce that love and care for animals should always be present. He stressed that this was the commitment of the municipality of Araraquara and all those present that night.

Council member Emmanuel Sponton (Progersstas), who represented the city council, also expressed appreciation for the work done in the city. “I can only thank you for your efforts, because without this union we would not be doing such an important work in Araraquara. This event made a difference in raising awareness of our city every day.”

Council member Luna Meyer (PDT), Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development, Science and Technology, Defense of Urban and Animal Environment and Protection of the City Council and author of Municipal Law No. 10.184, which included April Larranea in the official calendar of events in the municipality, spoke about the purpose of the meeting. “The aim here is to raise awareness that the crime of abuse is no longer acceptable under any circumstances and must be condemned. He noted that many new public policies have been implemented thanks to the tireless efforts of parliamentarians such as delegate Bruno, who was in a very lonely struggle, because few of the Representatives are embracing this issue. We already have the laws, the laws are already in place, and now it’s about running them and entrusting the public authorities to enforce them. Only then, with the entire conscious society, working together, will we achieve the dignity our animals need,” he added.

Explanation of the lecture

Participating in the activity was Vice-State Vice-President Bruno Lima (Progressas), a distinguished guest in support of the animal cause, who presented the lecture entitled “Anti-abuse laws in Brazil”.

The congressman spoke of his efforts in the São Paulo State Legislative Assembly and conversations with Governor Rodrigo Garcia to pass laws that would lead to the punishment of abusers and others who provide education on the subject. According to him, the perpetrators of this type of crime were not arrested, and today with the passage of laws they are detained, but only for one day. Therefore, it highlights the need for continuous struggle so that these crimes do not escape punishment and the severity of the punishment. “Every day we witness the worst cases of assault and I cannot sleep knowing that the next day the perpetrator will be released. This indicates that our battle continues and I will not calm down until I see these cowards imprisoned for twenty, thirty or sixty days. He pointed out that just arresting does not solve the problem then We turn to the agenda of our meeting, which is awareness, which is state legislation.

Introducing Animal Handbook

The Animal Welfare Coordinator, Animal Advocate Carol Matos Galvão, was unable to deliver her lecture due to health reasons, however, through a video, the Animal Handbook, content developed by the Animal Welfare Coordinator in partnership with the Communications Department, was presented. The content is now available online on the site. www.araraquara.sp.gov.br/bemestaranimal.

The handbook explains that animals are conscious beings, that is, they perceive and exhibit emotions such as joy and sadness and are also sensitive to pain. She cautions that owning an animal requires planning, as well as care and love, so before adoption it is important to analyze whether the animal’s profile matches what the family expects and what it can offer. Thus, the article explains the common mood at every age for a pet and all the care that must be taken to keep it healthy and happy.

The content also provides clarification on castration procedures and microchips, as well as details regarding responsible custody, the basic set of rules set forth in local legislation, that a family that decides to own a pet must follow. The reader will also find in the brochure information on collection protocol, collection of dead animals, rules for large animals, legislation for shooting fireworks with stampedes and how to report cases of animal abandonment and abuse. The municipal volunteer program “Amigo Bicho” and the Pet Solidarity Network also have special spaces in the brochure, as well as all useful phone numbers for public bodies related to animal protection.

Exhibition and honor

The program included the exhibition “Animal Affair” in the CEAR Lobby, where the main associated entities in the city presented their work. The associations Abraça Vidas, AAPA, Acãochego da Tuka, Casa dos Gatos, GIPAMA, Projeto #MeAdote, Rua dos Gatos and Team dos Vira-latas participated.

The meeting was also marked by a formal session where Chancellor Luna Meyer presented the Diploma of Honor to the Animal Welfare Team and the title of Araraquarense Citizen to the Tuka Nyko animal keeper.

Also participating in the event was the Mayor of Gavio Peixoto, Adriano Marsal (PTB); Mayor Rincao Lt. Rodriguez (PSL); Associação Vice President Abraça Vidas and Vet Jonatan Stringaci; President of the Municipal Council for the Protection and Defense of Animals, Luis Antonio de Abreu Jr.; Commander of the Civil Guard of Araraquara, Juliana Zaccaro; Corporal Marcio Afonso Oliveira, representing the fire department; and Otavio Augusto de France Perez, representatives of the Animal Protection and Defense Committee of OAB Araraquara.

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