We are very close to season 13 of Apex Legends

Article in collaboration with João Marques (@RankSpot)

We have everything we need to know to enter this new season of Apex Legends, so you won’t miss a word of what follows! And if you are interested in the mobile version of the game, you will eventually have a little fun.

Storm Point is back in its first ranked division

If you’re a casual player, you might be happy to know that the map rotation for 3v3 and 2v2 will be Olympus, World’s Edge and Storm Point, but for those who want to test their skills on the leaderboard, we have an important change here.

After a season when we had Olympus and Kings Canyon in rotation Rankwe can safely say that many players will sigh with relief hearing that the map for the top ranked division is the newest of the four available, Storm Point.

Do you have changes? Of course, from the information we have, it’s not that small. For starters, did you know that the sea monster encountered the legends in the Rescuers Launch Trailer? Well, this is the new point of interest, and introduces another point projection spotwhich makes the map contain eighteen points instead of seventeen POIs and we can confirm that the loot will be as well high class. Downed Beast is the name of the area between the North Pad, The Mill, and Checkpoint.

The producers ensure that this, like many other attempts, take into account improving the experience at a competitive level of Battle Royale and are focused on doing their best to ensure this, and also trust that they frequently interact with professional players to receive feedback on possible changes. of maps.

Introducing a new PVE element

Another novelty implemented in Storm Point, which is or more important than the ones mentioned above, is the arrival of the “Armorys”. Four points on the map work almost like mini-games within the game itself where you can enter and fight hordes of robotic ghosts (PVE) with a time limit of 60 seconds, the more you kill the better loot you get. These points are balanced so that they are useful as Drop Plus a resource later in the game. And if you think this will attract a lot of attention, you may be right, but the truth is that each “Armory” has a system that prevents enemy players from entering while completing the challenge so as not to risk “third party” clashes.

It was also clear that those weapons chests that had been buried for years underground could appear on other maps if society’s reception of this system was positive.

So what about Newcastle?

Don’t worry, we’ll have an article covering the latest legend in more detail, so on May 5th don’t forget to stop at the usual spot to stay informed.

Other topics were also discussed during the conversation.

One of the questions asked to the producers was whether it was possible in the future to introduce a system gear To make it easier to play with the weapons of choice, they immediately replied that they had no intention of doing so because the “RNG” works as it’s supposed to.

Another frequently discussed topic is the change in the scoring system for matches Rank And while the game wasn’t “opening” properly, the idea was clear that something was about to happen.

Finally, we had to touch on the topic, the mobile version of Apex Legends will be released sooner than you might expect globally, considering that it is already available in a beta phase for some regions. There is no exact date yet, but it has been confirmed that the release will be in May. And in case you didn’t know already, the game isn’t quite the same, as it already contains mobile-only exclusive content.

Now that you have the information you need for Season 13, Saviors, you can start preparing for what’s ahead. See you on the battlefield soldier.

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