Rose returns to reveal Tiger’s father

Posted on 02/05/2022 06:02

(Credit: João Miguel Junior/TV Globo)

at The more life, the better!Rose (Barbara Cullen), you won’t be able to stay away from Brazil for long. The ex-model returns from Paris early, and as soon as she lands, she looks for Baby (Vladimir Brichta) and announces herself to him.

She also searches for Guilherme (Mateus Solano) and makes her ex-husband desperate when she reveals to him that she intends to tell Neném about Tigrão (Matheus Abreu’s) true paternity. The boy is the son of Ninem, not Gilherme. The doctor is even sadder because he, Tiger and the baby are starting to understand each other.

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(Source: TV Globo)

Flavia is surprised by Paula’s behavior after the businesswoman learns the truth about her daughter. Tina decided to go out with Ronnie and Ninem didn’t like it. Selena tells Daniel that Guilherme needs to be stopped. The baby convinces Nada not to accept the money from Ronnie. Flavia says she will never forgive her mother and Paula is broken. Cora sees Ronnie having fun with Tina. Guilherme asks Rose to keep the secret of Tigger’s paternity. Ingrid asks Paula about taking care of Flavia. Karem heard about Paula’s conversation with Marcelo. Baby talking to Ronnie about Tina Wendy. Paula discovers that Karem is tapping the living room phone. Guilherme is back at work. Flavia hears Selena and Daniel talking about her husband and becomes suspicious. Guilherme Tigrão sees with the child.

the third
Guilherme accepts to play with Neném and Tigrão. Jandira and Betina help with Osvaldo’s plan against Edson. Paula defends Flavia from Selena’s fallout. Daniel presents the document to ask Gilherme to be stopped and Selena reacts happily. A child suffers because of Rose. Paula tells Ingrid that they are going to campaign for Terrari with Flavia. Rose thinks of Bibi. Rooney fights with Cora over Tina. Flavia discovers that Paula has been at Juca’s bakery and is infatuated. Paula is angry at Carmen’s new campaign. Guilherme discovers that he has been banned by his parents.

the fourth
Guilherme searches for his family. Flavia tries to understand why Paula went to Juca’s bakery. Rooney won’t let Cora go out with him and Tina. Daniel regrets the actions taken against Guilherme. Guilherme gets into an argument with Daniel and Selena. Neném discovers that he will never be part of the Flamengo team again and is destroyed. Gabriel rejects Carmen. Accompanying Flavia Guilherme. Odette discovers that Paula is Elite.

Guilherme tells Flávia that he cannot sue his parents. Korra thinks of revenge on Tina. Gilherme asks Joanna to run the clinic in his absence. Odette is looking for Paula. Flávia assures Guilherme can die and Daniel is thinking. Odette blackmails Paula. Rose decided to return to Brazil. Ronnie has fun with Bianca and Tina. Tigrau asks Ninem to play ball with him. Cora sends her followers to get Tina. Gilherme asks Joanna to help him do the surgery at a public hospital. A child and a tiger are looking for Tina.

Baby and Tiger save Tina. Flavia records the clip with Morello’s band. Guilherme underwent several surgeries at General Hospital. Paula spies on Carmen. Guilherme signs the power of attorney for Daniel and Selena. The child will be satisfied with Ronnie. Cora pays her followers. Joanna and Marcelo are back together. Paula hatches a plan against Karem. Tigger’s birthday arrives. Selena teases Joanna and the clinic staff. Paola explains her plan to Marcelo. Rose returns to Brazil and is looking for Ninem.

Rose and baby kiss. Paula and Marcelo talking to Madame Lowe. Guilherme takes Tigrão on a boat trip. The band Deusa, Flávia and Murilo organize a Tigrão party. Paula gets excited when she sees Karem fire Madame Lowe. Rose tells Guilherme that she will tell Ninem that he is Tegraw’s father and the doctor is terrified. Paula enjoys Karem’s fear. Ronnie tries to apologize to Linda. Paula confronts Odette and the villain decides to take revenge. Korra thinks of destroying Neda Hall. Odette tells Paula that she will tell Flavia the truth.

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