Reindeer is really the perfect animal to pull Santa’s sleigh

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We all know that had it not been for the famous reindeer, Santa would have had a hard time on his annual mission of distributing his gifts to deserving people around the world. But why were they chosen to pull Santa’s sleigh? There are 5 reasons.

Rodolfo, Runner, Dancer, Jumper, Fox, Comet, Cupid, Thunder, Lightning, Bernardo. Without Santa’s famous reindeer, millions of children around the world would be without their gifts – or so they think.

But why was the reindeer chosen as a draft animal for this noble task? According to the chat portal, Reindeer evolved into perfection To excel at the task, there are five reasons for this.

body heating

Reindeer live in the Arctic, where in winter nights the thermometer reaches -30 ° C. Unlike most mammals, which have one layer of fur, reindeer have two. A dense layer of fur, under a second blanket of hollow fur. A reindeer can have up to 2,000 hairs in one square centimeter.

that it Double layer traps air and creates an insulating layer Which prevents the reindeer from losing heat and also prevents the snow from cooling the skin. Allow the animal to stay warm – Whether at the North Pole or traveling around the world on Christmas Eve.

Also, the ringtone make the call “opposite heat exchange”which basically allows heat recycling So the heart does not pump too much, which saves energy.

Arteries and venules that carry blood to and from the heart intertwine, causing heat to transfer from warm arterial blood to cold venous blood.

Much of this heat exchange takes place in the specialized reindeer’s nose bones, where a lot of cold air is inhaled. through the nostrils.

In fact, it often leaves highly focused blood vessels in your nose Red-nosed reindeer, like Rudolph. No, there is not much alcohol.

physical efficiency

The The main food of a reindeer during the winter is lichen. An organism formed by a symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi. Lichens have a wavy appearance and usually live on tree trunks or rocks.

Lichens are abundant in the Arctic and therefore represent perfect food – Reindeer finds you wherever you go, you don’t need it Body fat storageAnd, unlike many other animals, they can find enough food Feed on a sleigh ride with Santa Claus.

In fact, the reindeer is Only mammals can digest lichensThanks to the presence of bacteria in the intestine.


In the winter, the Arctic has little light during the day, so reindeer have evolved to be able to see as much as possible in the dark. Reindeer’s eyes change color From golden to blue, this is the season of the year, letting in the small amount of light present, thus improving your vision.

Reindeer can even see ultraviolet rays. Although this meaning is common in birds and insects, the reindeer are one of the few mammals with this ability. And this way Perfect for guiding Santa Claus through the night.

stability and strength

To be able to walk on ice, reindeer have wide crescent-shaped hooves. This gives the reindeer More But it is also used in digging to find lichens under the ice.

The hooves shrink and harden during the winter, allowing the reindeer to walk beneath them the parties.

In addition to reducing the area of ​​the hull exposed to cold ground, the edges of the hull cut through ice to prevent it from slipping – basic adaptation To keep the reindeer stable when landing on snowy surfaces.


The reindeer was used as Travel since the Stone Age. They are the only ones domesticated deer. Humans ride reindeer, as they do horses, and use them small flocks to drive sleds – Just like Santa Claus.

Reindeer migrate to 5000 km per yearMore than any other mammalWalking up to 55 km per day. be surprisingly fastand speeds up to 80 km per hour.

Just like Santa Claus All children can visit in one night.

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In short, these mammals keep warmCould you Seeing in the darkKeep Balance on slippery surfaces And looking for food in the most inhospitable environments – thus gathering all the skills to carry out their hard mission on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas…with lots of gifts.

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