Pet stores begin banning products that do not provide animal care

Dog in the pet store

Pet stores review the products to sell – Bennilover / Creative Commons

When I go to work, I still see many customers buying products that don’t help the welfare of their animals at all. On the contrary, some can get worse and put your health at risk.

A great teacher survey is: “But how could it be so bad if sold at the pet store I trust?”. Unfortunately, my arguments will be weak in the face of maintaining sales.

However, the market has changed (fortunately!). Some e-commerce has already been created that focus on products that promote animal welfare. All through positive training, and avoiding selling devices that can cause any kind of inconvenience to animals.

This little e-commerce still exists, although swimming against the tide. Ricardo Gualco, developer of, learned in 2013 the tools of environmental enrichment and the concepts of positive coaching. His idea was to develop a website to sell these products, but also a channel to disseminate information. “In describing the products, it is not only about the importance of using this device, but also about how it is used and the profile of the dog it is intended for,” he explains.

According to Ricardo, people who search for this type of site already know the type of product being sold, which makes the sale process easier. “There is tremendous growth in demand for this type of product, but just with these tools it would be very difficult to sustain the business. We also sell sanitary mats, medical guides, natural foods and other essential products for dogs,” he points out.

Another example is Zen Animal. For Lorena Tasara, the importance is to encourage educators to provide more health to pets with a lifestyle focused on pet welfare, quality, and longevity by avoiding the consumption of products that may be harmful to pet health. Which cause digestive problems, allergies, skin problems, poisoning, liver disease, kidney failure, gastritis and obesity. That’s why the site focuses on selling natural products and environmental enrichment. Our sales are a result of the results we provide to teachers and their pets,” Lorena reports.

Thinking about the welfare and safety of animals, Petlove, the largest online platform for products and services for pets in Brazil, has decided to remove two types of products from its catalog: a heat blocker and an anti-bark collar.

For Jade Petronilho, Content Coordinator and Petlove Veterinarian, the use of Captain can cause a litany of health problems for both dogs and cats, and thus neutering is recommended, which helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and completely stops the occurrence of heat. This is especially due to hormonal pregnancy. He explains that women who use this type of product tend to get breast tumors and uterine infections more easily.

Dogs that bark at night: what to do?

Another discontinued product was the anti-bark collar. This can lead to stress and behavior problems that are much worse than barking when used indiscriminately. “Ideal for pets that display excessive barking, is to consult a behavior professional, identify the cause and work around the problem, change focus and introduce the pet to daily activities,” Jade says.

Jade says CEO Talita Lacerda’s entry has facilitated communication between the technical and business spheres, with a greater focus on pet welfare. “Petlove is specifically opposed to punitive and aversive methods because it recognizes that there are other, more appropriate, painless ways to better guide and guide the pet,” Petronello says.

Another product I can’t help but question is the collar with pins. Jade explained that it is a process. “They no longer order this type of product, but we still have them in stock.” To show members how harmful a particular product is to animals, Jade relies on scientific articles and laws from other countries, such as Sweden, that ban the use of choke chain on dogs.

Jade still believes that initiatives like this can have an impact and influence e-commerce and other pet stores to follow the same line: increasing the welfare and quality of life for pets.

I will eagerly await the next steps in the pet market in search of an increasingly better life for our fur owners.

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