Mayor David Almeida accompanies the Semsa Quiz application for more than 50,000 subscribers

Mayor David Almeida accompanies the Semsa Quiz application for more than 50,000 subscribers

The Mayor of Manaus, David Almeida, continued the application of the Municipal Health Service (SMSA) competition tests, Sunday, 1/5, for more than 50 thousand subscribers. The event, held by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and coordinated by the Municipal Administration, Planning and Administration (Semad), will promote the generation of 2001 jobs, which will strengthen primary care services in the capital.

“We are concerned that we need to strengthen our basic health teams and these people will help us maintain the good rates we are achieving. Manaus ranks first in the Ministry of Health’s “Previne Brasil” program, which measures the quality of services provided to the population. In other words, professionals who have been Approval of them to the best servers in Brazil in the field of basic health”, said the mayor executive.

The mayor accompanied the candidates’ arrival at the Faculdade Metropolitana de Manaus, which, at this stage of the competition, is competing for 468 vacancies.

The entrance gates to the rooms opened at 12:30 PM and closed at 1:45 PM. The tests started at 2 pm, and for a maximum of four hours. Of the total 52,162 enrolled, 40,837 attended and 11,325 were absent from the exam, which represented 22% of the absentees.

Municipal Health Secretary Djalma Coelho recalls that the contest has been in the works since the beginning of Mayor David Almeida’s administration, when former Secretary Shadia Fraxi was head of the secretariat. At the time, amid the rising number of Covid-19 cases, many servers were found to have retired, sought acquittal or died, and vacancies had yet to be filled.

“After nine months of administration, we have already posted the public notice and are pleased to see that everything is happening within the normal range, with tests being applied today, and pending application of the last tests, on June 5th. We will immediately invite those who have been approved,” the secretary said. They must immediately announce the final result and comply with all legal deadlines.”

“In the morning we followed the arrival of the bags in full, opening the seals in the place where the evidence was kept to keep the content of these assessments strictly confidential. We have distributed them to all the test sites in Manaus, and everything is going according to plan,” explained Composting Secretary, Ebenezer. Bezera.


Priscilla Corre was one of the first to leave the race site, and said she was confident of the result. Seeking approval for a job as a biologist.

“I found the test very smooth and the event application itself was also very organized, with chairs spacing and compliance with measures against Covid, so I felt much safer. I had been preparing for some time and thought I would be able to pass and get into a government employee job,” she stated.

Dietitian Luisa Peixoto has started her career, and one of her goals is to start in public service. It was her first time participating in a competition to gain experience, but now she’s hoping to get approved.

“I think what I studied was based on what happened in the test, and it wasn’t hard, it was easy. I’m running for a nutritionist and, God willing, everything will be fine and I’m going to die,” he said.

Biologist Joao Damasceno said that the content she had been studying for years, in other competitions, was also essential to the performance of the Semsa competition.

“I am constantly studying for public competitions, and one subject has turned out to be useful for many, such as logical reasoning, Portuguese language and constitutional law, for example. In this competition, I focused on the UHS legislation and other more specific issues,” he said.

Competition stages

On the 1st of April of this year, candidates for the posts of Physician (Health Professional), from Public Notice 001/2021, have already taken the exams.

The tests were applied this Sunday to those enrolled in the higher level (health aide) and basic functions (health aide), described in general notice 002/2021, and intermediate level (health aide), described in public notice 003/2021.

There are 47 high-level positions: administrator, lawyer, analyst (database, systems development and IT infrastructure), architect and urban planner, social worker, biologist, dental surgeon (general, dentist, pediatric dentist, orthodontist, For people with disabilities., periodontist, prosthodontist, oral and maxillofacial), social communicator, accountant, economist, nurse (epidemiologist, general, intensive care specialist, obstetrician), engineer (civil, occupational safety and electrician), statistician , pharmacist (clinical cytologist, clinical analysis), health inspector (physicist, general, physician, veterinarian, dietician, chemist), physical therapist, speech therapist, veterinarian, dietitian, physical education specialist, psychologist and occupational therapist .

For the basic level, vacancies are distributed into six positions: River Cook, Stretcher, River Deck Sailor, River Machine Sailor, Car Driver and River Driver. As for the middle level, the vacancies are for the position of an ambulance driver and a motorcyclist.

On the fifth of June, it will be the turn of candidates for middle and medium technical positions, from Decree 002/2021. Tests will take place in the morning and afternoon, and counseling for testing sites will be available from May 30.

SMSA’s directive is for all subscribers to remain alert to updates on the FGV website.

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text – Victor Cruz / SMSA

Pictures – Altemar Alcântara / Semcom, Dhyeizo Lemos / Semcom, Camila Batista / Semsa (attached)

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