I’ll marry? Technology can help couples organize their big day

organization wedding It is a hard task for the bride and groom. Faced with so many important details, such as the decoration, the guest list, the buffet, the photography, and the attire, it is normal for the couple to need help in the process. In addition to being able to rely on dedicated professionals, TechniqueHe also appears as an ally.

In the digital age, online facilities help the bride and groom get general information about what is expected of Wedding ceremonyOrganizing details and communicating better with guests. In addition to traditional wedding websites, the couple can still count on the help of podcasts and apps to plan this important stage of the relationship.

Applications: Organize the important day on mobile

Relying on the support of practical tools when organizing wedding details is essential to keeping all the details up-to-date and the way the bride and groom plan. Like PodcastsApps can also be useful.

While audio platforms helped with tips and information about ceremonyThe app allows the couple to warm their hands and plan the necessary steps for the dream day in the best possible way.

With just a few clicks, it is possible to, for example, prepare a guest list, check out the main suppliers and prepare a checklist of important steps for the party.

i got Married

iCasei app combines various functions in one app. On the platform, which is also available on the website, the . file The bride and groom He managed to create an exclusive space for the party and provide all the necessary information to the guests, such as address, time and The dress to wear.

Additionally, the app allows the bride and groom to put together their wedding gift list online and make it visible to the guests. The list can also include honeymoon experiences, such as a boat trip or a romantic dinner.

The most interesting thing is that a file i got Married It allows the bride and groom to decide whether to receive gifts in the form of products or cash, giving more independence when deciding how to spend the amount.

Dressed as a bride

The application “Vestida de Noiva” collects all the necessary details to organize wedding. Spreadsheets, supplier list, countdown, wedding concept, inspiration and budgets are some of the features of the platform.

The tool has a tab where the bride and groom can ask questions about the various details of the wedding with a specialist in the area. In addition, it is possible to sync the platform so that the lovebirds can use them together, each one on their devices.

Podcast: Tips and useful information for newlyweds

According to a survey conducted by the Saudi Press Agency flow For The Voice of Deezer, the number of Brazilian podcast listeners increased by 24% in 2021. One of the reasons for the success is the simple and relaxed language on different topics.

Those who are getting married soon can find the rings you are dealing with wedding And offer several essential tips for anyone starting to organize the details of their big day.

One of the advantages of owning podcasts is that podcasts can be heard in different places and conditions, such as the bathroom, during traffic, while walking, while cooking and even while cleaning.

Currently, there are audio files on various details of the wedding. In some cases, it is possible to collect advice on financial planning, decor, buffet options; In other cases, you can enjoy listening to funny and unusual stories about spouses.

What a rich couple

In order to provide tips for couples to conquer financial freedomThe podcast “What a Rich Couple” also helps with wedding planning. The channel’s approach is educational and the language is simple and convenient.

Some tips can be used to organize the party and help the bride and groom cover the expenses. The podcast also gives advice on investments, talks about family challenges, and brings in guests from different regions.

for brides

For those who like to hear true stories about weddings, the “Brides” podcast is a good choice. However, the channel also offers regulatory advice, supplier guidance, and even directions.

The goal is to provide humor through reports, guide the bride and groom about unexpected events that could happen and prepare them so that all goes well on a yes day.

All in white – all about weddings

The podcast “Toda de Branco” presents, in each episode, important details of organizing the wedding, such as choosing godparentsAnd suppliers, consulting and other details. Trends are also topics that appear frequently on the channel.

All tips are presented from conversations with specialists in the area in a light and comfortable manner. The main goal of the podcast is to encourage the bride and groom to create elegant weddings that respect their personalities.

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