Davy finds out who Toniño’s father is

Published on 02/05/2022 06:01

(credit: Fabio Rocha/Globo)

Toniño’s alleged paternity kept Duffy (Rafael Fetti) awake at behind the illusion. But his torment will end this week as he discovers the identity of the boy’s true father.

Duffy relies on Arthur (Patrick Sampaio) to help find the man’s whereabouts. They find out that his name is Pablo and he works as a circus performer. To challenge Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita), Davi invited Pablo to give a presentation at the Factory.

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Iolanda takes Joaquim to the hospital. Margo tells Rafael that Yolanda can’t help him. The police searched Violetta’s device. The legate and his men are hostile to Felicidade and Letícia, and Onofre regrets the accusation. Joachim tries to bribe Yolanda. Mercia notices Tenorio’s affection for Olivia. Bartolomeo asks forgiveness from Leonidas. Joachim consoles Isadora, and Heloisa realizes the boy’s bad intentions. Margot blackmails Ursula. Julienha decided to sell the painting she bought at auction. Onover confesses to Tenório that he was the one who filed the complaint with the police. Yolanda moves into David’s house.

the third
David is angry at Yolanda’s boldness. Onofre Tenório promises he will change. Lorenzo receives permission to go home and tries to persuade Pinto to go with him. Giraldo despairs when Julienha arrives to play. Margo asks Ursula to take her to dinner at Constantino’s house. Davy picks up Yolanda as she searches her things. Emilia meets Enrico at Giovanna’s bar. Isadora tells Mercia and Nathan that she knows how they will get off the farm. David asks to speak with Isadora.

the fourth
Tenório celebrates the marriage of Mircea and Nathan. Enrico kisses Emilia. Lorenzo decided to return to Brazil, but without Pinto. Isadora sees Iolanda at the door of Raphael’s house. Violetta sees her brooch on Margot and comments about her mistrust of Eugenio. Constantino fights Julenha for forging the painting. Leonidas asks Bartolomeo to release Matthias. Isadora asks Violetta to help Mercia and Nathan escape. Ursula has an idea for Joachim to get Isadora back. David asks for Augusta’s help to train a new trick.

Augusta stunned David hex. Lorenzo says goodbye to Bento. Enrico provokes Emilia. Davy discovers the identity of Toniño’s real father. Julienha tells Arminda that she will surprise Constantino. Joachim receives an invitation from Isadora to participate in a fashion show in Rio de Janeiro. Leopoldo re-enters Mariana on the radio and Arminda is enraged. Constantine leaves the house. Violet allows Leonidas to take care of Matthias. Margô prevents Iolanda from falling in love with Rafael. Davy tries to find Tonino’s father. Isadora decides to go to Rio de Janeiro with Joachim.

Eugenio hides to watch Violetta and Isadora as they load tissues. Matthias returns home and is harassed by Heloisa. Eugenio reveals himself when he sees Nathan and Mercia board a truck. Isadora caught kissing Eugenio and Violetta. Matthias tells Heluisa that he knows where her daughter is. Violetta is saddened to learn that Isadora has traveled without speaking to her. Olivia sets out with Mercia and Nathan to Belem. Lorenzo arrives at the house and Giovanna is affected. Fatima cries with Olivia’s departure. Lorenzo Abilio tells Leticia that Pinto is dead and keeps his promise to keep his friend’s whereabouts secret. Matthias con Violetta. Davy asks Arthur to help find Tonio’s father.

Augusta Abilio Keyboards. Leticia suffers from the loss of her husband. Silvana looks after her Pinto in Italy. Joachim pretends not to know the romance between Violetta and Eugenio when Isadora recounts what he saw. Penny tells Tenório that Olivia has left and she decides to reveal her big secret in her confession. Giovanna expels Enrico. Joachim sets fire to the dress of the show. Enrico makes a daring offer to Emilia. Davy watches Pablo, Toniño’s father, perform in the circus. Joachim sabotages the mannequin’s shoes to be shown with the clothes produced by Isadora. Duffy invites Pablo to a Christmas party in the workers’ village.

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